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Visual Product Recommendation and Visual Product Search

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vviinn is a software that enables an intuitive product search in online shops in a completely new way. The innovation of vviinn consists of a specially developed procedure for analyzing product images. The AI-based Software as a Service can analyze product images based on more than 1,000 features. On this basis, stylistically suitable products are suggested within 100 milliseconds. The solution is unique in this form.

Besides an intuitive shopping experience for customers the tool also enables higher conversions for shop operators. The vviinn component can be integrated into any frontend and does not depend on tracking user behavior.

Image-based search and recommendations correspond to the natural human need for orientation. We also orient ourselves visually and intuitively in the real world. On the web, on the other hand, we have so far tended to orient ourselves text-based.

However, text-based search is very rigid and repeatedly reaches its limits in e-commerce. People are much slower to process textual information than visual stimuli. When browsing online shops, customers repeatedly receive unhelpful product suggestions based on texts or search words. Often it fails because of imprecise terms and missing synonyms: Is the dress you are looking for pink or coral? Are you looking for a sideboard or a chest of drawers?

Our software analyses a product image based on its visual features and not the text attributes. On this basis, stylistically suitable products are suggested. In this way, we create a maximally intuitive shopping experience. Visual search and recommendations are therefore keys to a fast and effective shopping experience in any forward-looking online-shop.

Distinction from the competition

Vviinn is one of the pioneers and innovation leaders in Germany in the field of visual product dicsovery. Our software can be integrated into any online shop frontend in less than two days. It opens up this technology not only for large but also for small and medium-sized providers.

Product or service innovations
  • Accurate results for different product categories like home and living, fashion, DIY, jewelery, etc.;
  • End-to-end visual search in less than 100ms;
  • Integration in random online shop frontends in less than two days;
  • Product detection on social media images.
Customer case study

German online retailer Schuhcenter could double the click rate and conversion rate initialized by the visual recommendation of vviinn. The conversion rate increased by 258 percent. The number of products purchased increased by 264 percent. You can find the full A/B Test here (available in German only): https://www.vviinn.com/post/die-sichtbar-bessere-recommendations-f%C3%BCr-onlineshops

Positive feedback & testimonials

Oliver Hohmeier, Multi-Channel / E-Commerce Manager at Ostermann:

"We switched to vviinn and are positively surprised by the leap in quality and the ease of integration. Our customers get an inspirational guide and we are happy to have found a strategic and innovative business partner in vviinn."

Robert Flanz, Head of E-Commerce, Siemes Schuhcenter:

"The visual product recommendations accelerate our customers' purchase decisions. We will increasingly use vviinn's visual intelligence in our online shop."



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