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Baqend develops Speed Kit, a SaaS plugin solution to accelerate e-commerce websites by more than 50% within 2 days. Baqend is a research spin-off from the University of Hamburg on the mission of building a web without loading times. The founders pioneered a novel approach to speed up the delivery of dynamic data. Speed Kit bundles years of this research in a plugin for large-scale e-commerce and brand websites. With its automatic optimizations, the tool improves the user experience, reduces bounce, increases conversion and revenue, relieves the servers and drastically reduces the cost-revenue ratio in marketing. Moreover, page speed is essential to generate organic traffic. Because it is visible for SEO, the tool successively promotes visibility on Google (Core Web Vitals), since Google uses page speed as a ranking factor. Speed Kit accelerates dynamic and personalized content while ensuring that users do not get in contact with stale data. With our innovative caching method, we optimize directly from the user's device and accelerate 3rd parties in the same breath. Speed Kit is based on the Service Worker technology, which is a commonly used standard in Progressive Web Apps. Our solution is implemented with just two lines of code and the performance-impact is cleanly proven by statistically sound A/B-tests.

Features + benefits in a nutshell: Speed Kit is minimally invasive and can be installed and configured within a few days. Speed Kit will accelerate 3rd parties, optimize images on the fly and use our novel caching algorithms to serve your HTML pages faster to deliver the results. 50 - 300% faster page loads, Compatible with every shop system, Empirical proof through A/B-test, GDPR-compliant by default, Increase Customer Experience, Improve SEO Rank, Lower Bounce Rate, Boost Conversion Rate.

Distinction from the competition

Classical optimization methods are very complex, take a long time and are not isolatable or measurable in terms of their output. Speed Kit is installed and effective after 2 days and live and efficient after 4 days. It provides acceleration of personalized and dynamic content, consistent client caching with automatic cache coherence, 3rd party acceleration (elimination of network handshakes & caching, e.g. tag manager, tracking). Our solution is infrastructure-independent and can be implemented on any existing legacy system. We do not see ourselves in direct competition with existing performance tools, as the performance uplift achieved by Speed Kit is always generated on top of the customers current infrastructure.

Product or service innovations

As a SaaS provider, we are continuously developing our solution further. In addition to improved image optimization, optimized cache usage and freely adjustable split testing, we have expanded our service to include a real user monitoring dashboard and continuous performance reports for our customers in the past year.

Customer case study

All our Case Studies can be found on our website: Including:

  • ORSAY:
  • SNIPES: and more!
Positive feedback & testimonials

“Speed Kit accelerated our site by 2.5x […]. There is no doubt about the great ROI.” Florian Bischoff, Director E-Commerce, DECATHLON

“Speed Kit has delivered a clearly noticeable performance increase for our online shop." Lars Mehler, VP Platform Management, GALERIA

"Accelerating millions of users happened flawlessly and without additional efforts." Rudolf Orth, Head of E-Commerce, ORSAY

“Speed Kit has delivered on its promise to reliably achieve best-in-class performance!” Jeanine Schneider, Head of Digital, SNIPES


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