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InsightPilot AI

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Product or service description

InsightsPilot AI is a transformative platform in online retail, addressing the lack of adaptability to ever-changing customer needs. It brings three major advancements: enhanced customer engagement through a deep understanding of individual preferences, precise product recommendations based on customer behavior analysis, and optimization of product variants to meet market demands. This intelligent system dynamically adjusts online shop processes, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales.

Distinction from the competition

InsightPilot AI revolutionizes e-commerce optimization by blending automated data structuring and advanced analytics. It stands out with its ability to organize online shop data, including product descriptions and images, addressing the fragmented nature of e-commerce data.

Key Features:

Auto-Tagging and Structuring: InsightPilot AI automatically tags and structures data, revealing new patterns and enhancing the existing data framework of online shops.

Deep Text Analytics: The tool processes qualitative data with advanced text analytics, offering in-depth insights into customer preferences.

Predictive Modeling: Based on auto-tagging and text analytics, it develops optimization strategies for key performance indicators like repeat purchase rates, translating insights into actionable steps.

AI-Driven Product Development: Using Generative AI, InsightPilot AI suggests new product variants in both text and image formats, paving the way for proactive product innovation.

Product or service innovations

Cauliflower's InsightPilot AI has introduced three innovative features in the past year, enhancing e-commerce efficiency:

Auto-Tagging from Product Images and Descriptions: This feature automatically extracts unique attributes from product images and descriptions, standardizing the data for improved prediction models. It eliminates the need for manual data maintenance, addressing the issue of non-standardized data due to diverse tools used in merchandise management, logistics, and feedback.

Autonomous Aspect Extraction in Reviews and Complaints: Using the latest LLM technology, this method breaks down reviews and complaints into individual elements like content, sentiment, and meaning. This detailed analysis enhances prediction quality and provides concrete, actionable insights.

Product Adaptation with Image Generation from Reviews and Complaints: Cauliflower has innovated a method that uses customer feedback, combined with image-generating models, to create optimized product variants. This process involves selecting relevant product attributes and varying these attributes to produce new product variants in image form.

Customer case study

Naturana. “Understanding the needs of our customers is very important to us. We always strive to improve the way we address them and develop new product variants in line with their needs. To this end, we work together with Cauliflower, our partner for AI-supported online shop optimisation.” Stephanie Dölker, Co-Owner at NATURANA International

Tchibo. “When it comes to predicting product success, customers’ opinions make all the difference. This is the reason why we decided to work with Cauliflower to develop a model for predicting the sales success of online products. They make textual feedback usable for prediction models and thus not only increase the quality of prediction models, but also make the results tangible and applicable for our organisation.” Marco Walter, Senior Research Consultant, Tchibo.

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