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As the eCommerce market grows more competitive, it's easy to feel lost in the crowd, especially when marketing budgets go astray. MoonJet specializes in rescuing lost opportunities, guiding mid-six to seven-figure revenue Commerce Shops in the DACH region towards the spotlight they deserve.

  • Economic Impact: Combat rising marketing costs and reclaim purchasing power.
  • Scalability Challenge: Revitalize Meta Ads' effectiveness for impactful growth.
  • Profitability Woes: Skyrocket your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) with targeted campaigns.
  • Expertise Gap: Overcome inexperience or agency incompetence hindering your progress.
  • Capacity Constraints: Efficiently manage large-scale creative production and account management.
  • Financial Risk: Ensure tangible returns, eliminating concerns about agency service expenses.

Our team of experts is dedicated to optimizing marketing strategies, overcoming scalability issues, and maximizing ROI to ensure sustained success for our clients in the dynamic eCommerce landscape.

Distinction from the competition

Consider us your digital Swiss Army knife, equipped with the right tools for every challenge. We're not just after quick wins; we're committed to nurturing every aspect of your business. With MoonJet, rest assured, every facet of your digital journey is in capable hands.

And here is how we beat the market over and over again:

  1. Data Sovereignty: In the realm of data sovereignty, many clients face substantial losses due to pixel setup challenges post iOS 14. Our software solution not only restores data efficiency but takes it back to pre-iOS 14 levels. Consider this approach a low-hanging fruit with vast advantages for your business.

  2. Icebreaker Offer: Let's craft an icebreaker offer together—a scalable, profit-driven strategy for acquiring new customers. Whether through bundles, subscription models, or innovative tactics, this approach provides a significant competitive edge by maximizing margins for scalable growth.

  3. UGC Mass Production: Creatives are the backbone of success, and a few graphics each month won't cut it. Our approach involves testing a diverse range of creatives weekly, optimizing them with data-driven precision down to the finest detail for unparalleled success.

  4. Top Of Funnel Scale: While many agencies rely on excessive retargeting, especially for +7-figure shops, we focus on untapped target groups. By boosting strong awareness and genuinely increasing revenue, our strategy ensures effective scaling and avoids merely beautifying figures.

  5. Omni-Channel Presence: Leveraging long-tested, highly efficient creatives, we establish an omni-channel presence across platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, and YouTube. This strategy is designed for maximum top-of-mind awareness, ensuring your brand remains in the spotlight across all relevant marketing channels.

Product or service innovations

Our approach, rooted in the mastery of five essential sales drivers, is uniquely crafted to uplift 7-figure eCommerce businesses. Expect a remarkable surge of 30-120% growth within a short 3-12 months. We navigate this trajectory with a sharp focus on profitability and a commitment to minimizing risks linked to time and budget. Embrace growth confidently, backed by our steadfast guarantee

Customer case study

In a recent case study interview with Nähwelt Flach's CEO, Peter Flach, our agency's impact was truly remarkable. In just four months, their monthly revenue soared from €150,000 to an impressive €664,000, specifically focusing on household sewing machines and related accessories through Meta Ads. Despite initial hurdles, our strategies delivered a staggering 285% increase in sales and a 60% boost in ROAS within the first month. The success extended to a record-breaking Black Friday, becoming the company's best sales day ever. Peter commended our hands-on collaboration and innovative approaches, setting the stage for further growth into new channels like Pinterest and email marketing.

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