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MikMak 3.0

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In the ever competitive world of ecommerce, multichannel brands need a single platform for ecommerce enablement and analytics. With the MikMak 3.0 platform, launched in June 2023, MikMak provides just that: a unified way of leveraging media and shopper data and audiences to help brands sell online, understand how their marketing impacts online and offline sales, and judge the effectiveness of campaigns across digital channels.

One of the primary problems MikMak’s platform solves is giving brands the intelligence to know where and how to spend their next marketing dollar. Multichannel brands struggle to pull data from different retail and media partnerships in enough time to allow this data to inform marketing decisions effectively in the short-term, and struggle to understand their full marketing funnel.

MikMak provides the link between advertising across media channels and retailer points of purchase online and in-stores. Multichannel brands are able to track which platform or retailer customers are checking out from with their purchases, with the ability to observe “Add to Cart” sessions.

MikMak enables brands with commerce and conversion opportunities across every consumer touchpoint, along with advanced category, retailer and consumer analytics from around the world. As a result, brands can access granular marketing and sales analytics, and can create more effective purchase paths from each channel and work effectively with retailers to optimise performance.

Distinction from the competition

MikMak’s customers are multichannel consumer goods brands working across the personal care/beauty, CPG, food, alcohol and electronics sectors, among others. Most of their sales come from major retailers, meaning they often lack access to consumer data. However, to inform marketing decisions and remain competitive, they need to know how, where, and why their products are selling, and how to make every marketing dollar they spend work harder/smarter for them. How MikMak helps:

  • MikMak's eCommerce enablement platform provides a unified way of collecting first-party shopper data and analyzing brand audience conversion, online and in-stores. It allows multichannel brands to visualise their marketing funnel, analyse how marketing impacts sales at their retailers, and understand the effectiveness of their digital strategies. As a consequence, marketing teams are able to understand and spend on the channels, campaigns, creative, and audiences that actually convert.
  • MikMak’s platform offers a unique source of commerce intelligence across global platforms on all digital touchpoints, including brand websites, retail media, social media, programmatic, videos, CTV, paid search, and more. Every provider in the shoppable media space can enable shopping experiences and provide a basic level of performance data such as impressions and clicks, but MikMak stands out from its competitors by providing actionable insights in real-time, providing brands with an apples-to-apples KPI comparison across all channels. MikMak Insights also reveal how your brand compares to other brands in your category, to spot new conversion opportunities, and adjust to changing consumer trends.
  • MikMak’s platform integrates easily with product information management (PIM) platforms such as Salsify and Syndigo, and with popular data visualization platforms and data lakes such as Salesforce or Google Data Studio, to help brands save time and money by managing their data on one easy-to-use global platform.
Product or service innovations

1° In February 2023, the acquisition by MikMak of Swaven, a leading eCommerce enablement and analytics software company across EMEA, APAC and LATAM, led to the launch of the MikMak 3.0 platform. 2° In August 2023, MikMak acquired the Shoppable Media and Brand Analytics product lines of ChannelAdvisor from CommerceHub, making MikMak one of the leading global ‘where-to-buy’ solution providers, significantly increasing the volume of Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and media impressions processed through its platform. The acquisition brought hundreds of new brands to the MikMak platform, deepening its already profound global retail network. 3° Since September 2023, MikMak integrates seamlessly with NIQ product availability data, powering superior inventory-aware commerce experiences across media and brand websites. 4° In December 2023, MikMak announced a trio of platform innovations: Shoppable Recipes, Direct Add to Cart, and a first-of-its-kind solution in partnership with Circana to measure the impact of digital marketing on offline sales.

  • MikMak Commerce’s Direct Add to Cart capabilities shorten purchase paths by allowing shoppers to send a selected product directly to the retailer’s cart with a single click, from all types of media and brand websites.
  • Shoppable Recipes enable consumers to make quick purchases directly from a brand’s recipe content at their preferred retailer, and allows brands to simultaneously collect valuable first-party data to optimise future marketing efforts.
  • Lastly, The Digitally Influenced Offline Sales Lift Report enables brands to understand three types of insights: digital marketing’s overall impact on offline sales, by channel, campaign, and more; demographic insights into who is most likely to make in-store purchases after interacting with digital marketing content; and Incremental sales values to strengthen relationships with retailer partners and advocate for more in-store shelf space and better positioning online.
Customer case study

1° Bioderma: “MikMak is an absolute ‘must-have’ technology in our ‘Brick & Click’ & ‘Pure players’ distribution model. The solution, plugged into our new digital framework, allows us to leverage all our digital assets to boost both our direct and indirect sales in all our global markets.” Auriane Loyer, Digital Senior Project Manager, Bioderma

Bioderma has been an industry leader in dermo-cosmetics since its founding in 1977. Bioderma shoppers purchase the brand in various ways from Bioderma’s large network of specialized retailers and pharmacies. Bioderma was looking for a single partner that could support its omnichannel business needs on a global scale. The objective was to drive qualified traffic and boost sales both online and in-store. Bioderma incorporated MikMak Commerce on its websites and social media to provide a frictionless path to purchase across 32 countries. With MikMak, Bioderma has been able to integrate across 2,500+ products, 307 retailers, and 32 countries on both the brand website and various media placements. MikMak’s easy-to-use templates coupled with key customizations allowed Bioderma to quickly add/build experiences across their entire global portfolio that matched the look, feel, and brand equity of Bioderma. All of the data and insights collected from shoppers live in a single dashboard on MikMak. Data collected from these shopper interactions has allowed Bioderma to optimize and refine its strategies to simultaneously increase volume and efficiency in its brand site and media spend.

2° LVMH: “MikMak enables us to create seamless shopping paths for our audiences on our brand websites and social media, while measuring purchase intent and sales at our retailers. With key insights into shopper preferences, we can optimise our digital marketing strategy. Fantastic team and technology!" - Silvia Chaver, Digital & CRM Manager, LVMH Fragrance Brands

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