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eCommerce web development (Magento)

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Eltrino stands at the forefront of eCommerce solutions, dedicating our expertise to enhancing online business platforms. As a leader in Magento development, our team boasts ex-core Magento developers with over 16 years of experience. Our specialization extends to web development, migration to Magento 2 or Shopify, and resolving intricate code challenges for both B2B and B2C stores.

Our services encompass:

Magento Upgrades: We ensure your store remains up-to-date with the latest Magento features and security updates. Platform Migration: Smooth transitions from other platforms to Magento 2 or Shopify, maintaining data integrity and functionality. Performance Optimization: Addressing low performance and poor-quality code, crucial in a market where slow websites lead to significant revenue losses. Security Enhancements: Implementing robust security measures to protect your store from vulnerabilities. Comprehensive Web Store Development: From architecture design to development, we provide full-cycle support and maintenance. CRM/ERP Integrations: Streamlining your business processes by integrating your web store with various CRM and ERP systems. Recognizing the critical role of web performance, we utilize the Hyva theme to maximize speed and enhance user experience in Magento stores. This approach not only boosts performance but also drives better customer engagement and sales.

Our approach is holistic and proactive. We conduct in-depth code audits, offer continuous maintenance, and support, and integrate advanced PWA solutions like Vue Storefront. Our commitment is to empower your web store not just to exist but to excel in the competitive digital marketplace.

Distinction from the competition

Eltrino stands out in the eCommerce field with its unique blend of expertise, innovation, and client-focused solutions. Our key strengths include:

Deep Magento Expertise: Our team, enriched with ex-core Magento developers and over 16 years of experience, excels in Magento development, migration, and tackling complex code challenges.

Comprehensive eCommerce Solutions: We offer a full range of services, from innovative web design to robust development and maintenance, addressing the diverse needs of eCommerce merchants.

Holistic Support: Beyond standard offerings, we provide complete solutions including Magento upgrades, platform migrations, and addressing both performance and code quality issues, ensuring the overall health of eCommerce platforms.

Security Focus: Recognizing the importance of security, we proactively fortify eCommerce platforms against vulnerabilities, enhancing customer trust and safety.

Performance Optimization: We utilize the Hyva theme for its speed, significantly boosting the performance of Magento Luma stores, which enhances user experience and engagement.

Innovative PWA Solutions: At the forefront of eCommerce innovation, we integrate Progressive Web App (PWA) solutions like Vue Storefront, modernizing and streamlining the shopping experience.

Enduring Partnerships: Our commitment to long-term relationships is evident, with clients trusting us for up to nine years, reflecting our dedication to their success and satisfaction.

Cost-Effective, High-Quality Service: Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, we deliver top-tier services at competitive rates, offering budget-friendly, high-quality solutions to businesses in the EU and US.

Eltrino's expertise, comprehensive services, security emphasis, and innovative approach make us an ideal eCommerce partner.

Product or service innovations

In the past 12 months, Eltrino has evolutionized the digital landscape for Engels Group by developing a cutting-edge web store, tailored for the UK market. This project entailed a comprehensive overhaul of their existing eCommerce platform, focusing on sustainability, user experience, and B2B efficiency. Key innovations include: Design System: We introduced a cohesive design system, utilizing the Hyva theme to ensure consistency across the website. This not only unified various elements but also embodied Engels' commitment to environmental consciousness. Enhanced Functionality: Our team reengineered the site's functionality, with a focus on advanced product categorization and search optimization. This was crucial for B2B clients who require detailed and specific information quickly. Custom Stock Statuses: We developed a unique feature to display custom stock statuses and delivery time slots, addressing the specific needs of B2B customers in understanding product availability and delivery expectations. Tier Pricing Integration: Recognizing the importance of pricing in B2B transactions, we implemented a tier pricing feature that allows customers to view and select different pricing options based on quantity, streamlining the purchasing process. Request a Quote System: A streamlined 'request a quote' process was integrated, enhancing the efficiency of bulk orders and complex purchasing requirements. This project represents a significant stride in eCommerce innovation, aligning Engels Group’s ethos of sustainability with the demands of a modern, digital B2B marketplace. The result is a user-friendly, efficient, and environmentally-conscious online platform that sets a new standard in the industry

Customer case study

Environmental Excellence in eCommerce: Eltrino's Makeover of Engels Group's Web Presence

Background: Engels Group, a leader in sustainable solutions in Europe, faced challenges with their outdated web store as they expanded into the UK market. The existing site had design inconsistencies, performance issues, and lacked a cohesive design system, impacting the user experience and business growth. Eltrino's Approach: Eltrino conducted an in-depth analysis of Engels' site, identifying key issues. A new design system was developed, utilizing Hyva theme components for a unified look. The main screen featured an Earth image, symbolizing Engels’ global presence and commitment to sustainability. The focus was on enhancing functionality, especially in product categorization, search optimization, and custom stock statuses, ensuring a smooth B2B customer experience. Results: The revamped web store offered a cohesive, user-friendly interface with improved navigation and search capabilities, significantly enhancing the B2B customer experience. The optimized code and efficient theme led to improved performance metrics and search engine rankings, which were crucial for Engels' UK market expansion. Impact: Eltrino's expertise in web development enabled Engels Group to establish a strong online presence in the UK. The project demonstrated how technical proficiency, aligned with the client's core values and business goals, can lead to significant digital transformations in the eCommerce landscape.

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