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Build your own identity graph

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We assist you in building your own identity graph to increase conversion rates, optimise media efficiency, and improve attribution. Additionally, the graph helps to create a compliant, people-centric consent experience.

We provide a platform and expertise to create and manage a dynamic real-time identity graph using reliable digital identification methods. This graph will become a valuable corporate asset under your full control. Identity resolution boosts onsite personalisation, behavioural direct marketing, and paid media optimisation in closed ecosystems and the open web.

Teavaro helps to truly connect with your customers based on trust and responsible digital marketing. Data security and privacy by design are core to our platform, which can be easily integrated into your existing MarTech stack.

Distinction from the competition

Teavaro's platform is designed specifically to aid businesses in understanding and navigating the complex landscape of digital identity. The benefits of using our products are manifold, including:

1)Unified View of the Customer: Teavaro's Identity Graph takes disparate customer data points from various sources and channels and combines them to create a unified customer profile. This singular view aids businesses to understand their customers better, drive personalised marketing, and enhance customer experience.

2)Enhanced User Privacy and Compliance: With rising global concerns about user data privacy and the enforcement of stringent regulations, Teavaro ensures necessary compliance with laws such as GDPR and CCPA. Our platform respects user consent, leveraging data ethically and responsibly.

3)Future-ready Solutions: We are preparing businesses for the future of digital marketing where traditional cookies may no longer exist. Teavaro's innovative cookie-less tracking technology is uniquely positioned to help industries adapt to a post-cookie era, ensuring continued ability to personalize and measure marketing efforts.

4)Boosts Conversion Rates: By leveraging our platform's capabilities to drive personalized and timely communication, businesses can significantly improve their engagement, loyalty, and conversion rates.

What makes Teavaro truly unique is our commitment to enabling businesses to build their own identity graphs. While many identity solutions provide predefined or third-party identity graphs, Teavaro equips businesses with the ability to construct, manage, and own their identity graphs. As a result, businesses gain complete control over the data integration process, the flexibility to adapt as requirements alter, and independence from third-party dependencies.

Product or service innovations

Teavaro is committed to offering innovative products and services that are designed to help businesses navigate the fast-paced digital environment. Some of our latest advancements include:

Cookie-less Tracking Technology: As we steer into a future where traditional browser cookies may no longer exist, Teavaro has developed an innovative cookie-less tracking technology. This tech ensures businesses can continue to identify and track their users in this new era, maintaining the ability to personalize marketing efforts and measure campaign effectiveness.

Advanced Consent Management: With growing importance placed on user privacy and data protection, we have bolstered our platform with sophisticated consent management capabilities. We provide a seamless integration with consent management platforms, ensuring businesses collect and process data in alignment with user's data preferences.

Intelligent Email Marketing: Expanding our toolset for marketers, we've introduced trigger email marketing capabilities. This technology lets businesses automate personalized email marketing campaigns based on specific actions or behaviors of the customer, which can significantly enhance engagement rates and, in turn, conversion rates.

Self-Built Identity Graphs: One of the unique innovations in our toolset is the ability for businesses to create and manage their own identity graphs. This feature ensures businesses have complete control over their data integration process, adaptability for changing requirements, and independence from third-party dependencies.

All these innovations are aimed at addressing the key challenges businesses face in navigating today's digital landscape. By focusing on the evolving needs of our users, and anticipating future trends and hurdles, Teavaro continues to offer cutting-edge solutions designed for the age of responsible digital marketing.

Customer case study

We have signed a long-term partership with UTIQ, one of our most significant clients. Teavaro utilises its expertise and innovative solutions to carry out effective targeting strategies in the open internet context.

Teavaro's role for UTIQ primarily revolves around providing an advanced identity resolution platform. UTIQ leverages Teavaro's ability to consolidate customer behaviour and preferences from various channels into a single unified profile - the core feature of our Identity Graph solution. This allows UTIQ to have a holistic view of its customers beyond the confines of segmented data views.

This unified view of customers across various touchpoints helps UTIQ in carrying out precise and personalised marketing campaigns. By understanding the preferences, behaviours, and needs of individual customers, UTIQ can target its advertisements and messages more effectively.

In terms of the open internet, Teavaro provides UTIQ with a competitive advantage. With the phase-out of third-party cookies, executing targeted advertising campaigns on the open internet poses challenges. Thanks to Teavaro's forward-looking, cookie-less tracking technology, UTIQ can continue to identify and engage with its consumers on various online platforms outside the walled gardens of big tech ecosystems. This is a significant step towards a more responsible digital marketing environment focused on user privacy, control, and overall user experience.

Additionally, by shifting attention from the closed ecosystems of walled gardens to the open internet, Teavaro helps UTIQ widen its outreach, diversify its presence, and tap into new audience segments. UTIQ can now communicate effectively with consumers whose data isn't confined within walled gardens, thus broadening its customer base.

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