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Returns Management Software

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The only software in Europe that enables businesses to grade over 2,000 product categories across different locations and resell them on over 15 European marketplaces with 50% less time and costs

E-commerce companies and consumer brands experience many challenges due to returned products and overstock. It usually takes them a lot of money, time, manpower, and technology investment to make them profitable and sustainable, so that the product lifespans could be maximized. With BuyBay’s new Returns Management Software, we are able to solve these problems and achieve a win-win solution for the businesses and environment. It uses advanced grading and pricing algorithms to sell every product individually to a matching buyer for a good price. This helps businesses achieve the highest profit for their returned products and overstock.

Newly launched in 2023, BuyBay’s Returns Management Software streamlines the supply chain returns process from grading to reselling, achieving a 50% reduction in handling time and costs while increasing the resale profits. Leverage the power of automation to minimize transportation costs, environmental impact, and elevate the product value through resale in the best-performing marketplaces.

Harnessing BuyBay's 10 years of market expertise in returns management, this is the only software in Europe that enables businesses to grade over 2,000 product categories across different locations and resell them on over 15 European marketplaces for the recommerce market, from Amazon, ebay, bol, Back Market, and more. What set BuyBay’s Returns Management Software apart is that it directly links product conditions to optimise selling prices, recognizing the distinct condition of each returned item.

Distinction from the competition

10 Key Benefits:

  1. Enhanced resale value for returned products
  2. Uniform and objective product grading across diverse locations
  3. Streamlined and simplified handling and grading processes for returned products
  4. Time savings in the handling and grading of returned products
  5. Reduced staff training requirements for processing returned products
  6. Data-driven insights for informed decision-making
  7. Lowered transportation costs for efficient logistics
  8. Decreased carbon footprint, contributing to environmental sustainability
  9. Space and time savings through optimized warehouse routing
  10. Aligning with EU sustainability regulations supported by transparent product flow

On average, BuyBay partners benefit from:

  • 14% decrease in returns-on-returns
  • 28 days to resell a returned product
Product or service innovations

Top 7 Features:

  1. Diversified Sales Channels in ReCommerce Markets: Connects to 15+ sales channels across 4 European markets, including eBay, Amazon, bol, and more.

  2. Workflow Diversity: Equipped with both default and customizable workflows that allow you to grade over 2.000 product categories

  3. Precision Grading: Features 36 granular grading quality levels, showcasing a grading score on a scale from 1 to 5.

  4. Guided Processing: Guided by a series step-by-step questions to generate a grading score.

  5. User-Friendly Interface: Boasts a touch screen and an intuitive design for ease of use.

  6. Insightful Analytics: Offers an insights portal displaying valuable data such as defect and returns-on-returns percentages.

  7. Transparent Tracking: Provides a clear product flow for easy tracking

Customer case study

A prominent German e-tailer specializes in professional tools and workshop supplies, prioritizing exceptional customer satisfaction through swift and reliable fulfillment. They have partnered with a well-known third-party logistics provider to manage their warehouse operations in Germany. To enhance the e-tailer’s fulfillment efficiency and meet short-term orders promptly, the logistics provider initiated collaboration with BuyBay in 2021. In 2023, recognizing the potential for streamlined processes and increased returns management profits, they made the strategic decision to integrate BuyBay's Returns Management Software into their grading facility in Germany.

Four Challenges faced by the two businesses:

  1. Diverse Product Range and Grader Training: The German e-tailer's extensive product categories pose a challenge in training graders efficiently, consuming valuable time and resources. Additionally, a shortage of manpower further complicates the grading process.

  2. Logistical Complexity of Bulky Products: Bulky and heavy products present logistical challenges.

  3. Consistency Across Multiple Warehouses: Managing consistent grading and quality control is a big challenge. Ensuring uniform standards across diverse facilities poses operational complexities.

  4. Limited Access to Marketplaces and Pricing Optimization: The e-tailer lacks direct access to marketplaces for returned products, and the absence of streamlined pricing optimization further complicates the selling process.

Results: Prior to the software's official launch, BuyBay seamlessly integrated the software into the logistics company's warehouse, providing hands-on training to their team. The integration process was initially scheduled for five days, the training at BuyBay's warehouse was remarkably shortened by their team, reducing it from five to two days.

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