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Netcetera 3DS Server and SDK for secure, smooth and reliable processing of online payments

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Product or service description

Netcetera’s 3DS Server and SDK enable secure and seamless transactions for online shoppers. 1st in Europe and 2nd in the world EMVCo-approved product, fully compliant and certified with EMV® 3DS and latest programs of 13 international and domestic card networks, including Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Amex, and JCB. It reduces the risk of non-authenticated transactions, associated refunds, and lost revenue while establishing frictionless flow. The solution addresses the modernisation, security, and simplification of online payments.
Netcetera’s 3DS Server and SDK create secure digital payments while lowering fraud, increasing approval rates and improving the cardholder experience. It creates trust and loyalty. There are two options: 3DS Server on-premise or as SaaS. Merchants and acquirers/ PSPs that use Netcetera’s 3-DS Server and SDK solution save time and infrastructure resources with a PCI DSS/3DS-ready certified solution that operates on a highly secure and scalable payment platform maintained by Netcetera experts and using world-leading hosting service providers, allowing full control over the software and system architecture. It is always up to date, with easy integration within client environment via APIs and with 24/7 client support. It has a comprehensive dashboard, log data and statistics for monitoring and two configuration models: XML configuration and Admin UI for data configuration, certificate management, transaction search and user access management on a central database (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle). It has an NDM Simulator – a test environment (application) with a demo webshop with a simulated Directory Server and an Access Control Server (ACS) for integration testing with a free demo license of 30 days trial. For cardholders, Netcetera’s solution creates an effortless online payment without re-directs and friction in a safer online shopping environment that makes them return.

Distinction from the competition

Netcetera’s 3DS Server and SDK (fully compatible with mobile wallets) stand behind a secure and seamless e-commerce experience with increased approval rates and decreased abandonments. Implemented, maintained, and operated with the highest architectural and compliance standards, it facilitates the highest performance. The scalability allows readiness for challenges, resulting in higher conversion rates. The quick implementation allows a quick launch. As a stand-alone solution on API technology – easy and simple onboarding – two weeks record time, with detailed technical documentation. Card networks and acquirer agnostic, PCI-ready product that allows integration of any merchant, acquirer, PSPs. It reduces the complexity on the client’s side and accelerates time to market with extensive and reliable 24/7 client support, 30 years of experience and in-depth knowledge and expertise. It ensures that our client’s web shops support strong authentication according to regulation, benefiting from the possibility of controlling the liability shift and reducing their risk, associated refunds and lost revenue. We use widely adopted technology with a very high interoperability level. Its fast and reliable infrastructure, with configurable UI options, enables a seamless user experience during online checkout, whether browser or in-app-based. In mobile in-app transactions, the 3DS SDK authenticates the cardholder without impacting the device. It collects ~150 data points on Android and 25 on iOS, enhancing risk rating accuracy compared to the 10 data points collected in a web browser. The SDK enhances fraud prevention with additional security checks, seamlessly operates within the merchant app without switching to an issuer app for authentication, and supports integration with apps using different technologies. The extended global presence jointly with G+D enables us to be closer to our customers and focus on their local needs.

Product or service innovations

The 3DS Server and SDK is one of the most regulated and widely accepted solutions for card authentication. Compliant and certified with all major card networks, but with the local / on-soil requirements, so that the integration of clients is fast and simple. Such is the certification with local card networks like ELO, Dankort, MADA, EFTPOS, and Bancontact. Operating the service as SaaS, we have opened a new data centre in Mumbai, India, to expand our and our client’s footprint and comply with local regulations. Support our clients in the validation and improvements of the 3DS flows. Our case with the Mastercard Test Platform for acquirers and merchants ensures that EMV® 3DS authentications are error-free and optimized to achieve the highest approval rates. Netcetera 3DS SDK allows problem identification while integrating and communicating with the ACS providers. Our 3DS SDK always follows the dynamic mobile application platform and offers extra and all new features and services to enable our clients to offer a seamless 3DS experience. Such is the Versioning flow (prior 3DS authentication process). Our 3DS server allows customers to choose the card networks if the card ranges of domestic card networks overlap the major card networks. The Netcetera 3DS Server enables the serving of multiple PSPs and geographical regions/ environments. It offers dynamic result response handling with additional Results Response URL whitelisting, caches the Results Response data for all challenged transactions, and enables its pulling when the client needs it. We update our 3-D Secure products portfolio with the latest protocol versions, as is the EMV 3DS, to enable consumers and businesses to enjoy each new benefit. We have expanded it with network tokenization and Click to Pay solutions based on contemporary & flexible architecture. Our customers have already combined it with the 3DS Server & SDK.

Customer case study

“We decided on Netcetera with their flexible, agile and independent payment offering. We consider their 3DS server the most reliable and viable product to support secure and convenient transactions. The implementation was smooth and efficient, and we saved much time and effort thanks to the comprehensive technical documentation, educational webinars and Netcetera’s professional support.” - Jatuporn Pinnuvat, Head of Product Innovation, OMISE. Building on Netcetera’s industry-leading 3-D Secure technology, together with our cutting-edge technological expertise and AI capabilities, enables us to offer our merchants the added advantage of compliance with the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements mandated by PSD2 and, with it, a competitive edge. Moshe Selfin, CTO, COO of SHIFT 4 (former Credorax) “This partnership provides us access to the latest payments industry innovations and information, as well as reliable, 24/7 support. For us, the decisive factor in working so closely with Netcetera was their deep industry knowledge and the consistency that Netcetera provides to its customers. Their 3DS SaaS product has allowed us to continue our successful legacy of cashless payment protection in the CEE region. We are pleased to continue building this partnership today and in the future.” Wolfgang Harder-Pachernegg, VP of Payment Products, QENTA “The partnership between Fime and Netcetera started in 2019, and it has only strengthened throughout the years. For us, it is beyond providing service and paying for it. It’s about a long-term vision, sharing mutual expertise, knowledge and efforts to improve the wider payment environment. We work to enable a better future in the e-commerce industry for all payment players, but most of all, secure payments with a smooth experience for end-users around the globe. Our cooperation brings an outstanding value beyond a customer-supplier relationship" Jean Fang, Product Manager, FIME.



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