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eCommerce Technologie und Managed Service spezialisiert auf Amazon

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Amerge offers a suite of services fostering sustainable growth for Brands, Vendors, and Third-Party Sellers on Amazon. Prioritizing total sales, cost reduction, customer increments, and market expansion, Amerge stands as a reliable ally for those navigating the complexities of online retail.

Amerge Ads: Precision in the Customer Journey Merging human planning with cutting-edge tools like Amazon Marketing Stream and Amazon Marketing Cloud, Amerge optimizes campaigns in real time, ensuring efficient audience targeting..

Amerge Selling Partner: Comprehensive Retail Support Amerge Selling Partner provides end-to-end retail support, with experts managing Vendor and Seller Central operations. Services range from Purchase Order and Catalogue Management to Strategy Consulting, ensuring a seamless retail experience. Backed by over 14+ years of ex-Amazon experience, Amerge’s in-house team navigates Amazon Retail intricacies with ease.

Amerge Creative Services: Crafting Your Amazon Presence For a visually compelling Amazon presence, Amerge Creative Services offers a holistic design approach. From Brand Store to A+ content and multimedia production, the design team enhances creative content, delivering a subtle yet impactful brand message on Amazon.

Amerge Tech: Innovative Solutions for Unmatched Performance Built on 150+ years of collective ex-Amazon experience, Amerge Tech offers proprietary solutions:

Amerge View: A powerful reporting suite consolidating data into an easy-to-read dashboard, providing insights from individual performance to ad spend.

Amerge Engine: A revolutionary optimization suite automating campaign creation on both Sponsored Ads and DSP.

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC): Ensuring GDPR-compliant post-ad engagement insights, AMC understands the customer journey, weighted conversion attribution, and 1st Party Data Set integration.

Distinction from the competition

Amerge distinguishes itself in the competitive e-commerce support landscape through a combination of innovative solutions, a comprehensive suite of services, and a wealth of experience in navigating the intricacies of Amazon:

Ex-Amazon Approach: By combining human planning with proprietary technology, Amerge ensures targeted campaigns that resonate with the most efficient audience. This approach allows for more effective advertising strategies compared to competitors who may lack this nuanced perspective.

Proprietary Technology: Amerge's proprietary technology, including the Amerge Engine and Amerge View, stands out in the industry. The Amerge Engine automates campaign creation, offering features such as single keyword setup, budget redistribution, and dayparting, providing a level of campaign customization that may surpass what competitors offer. Amerge View consolidates data from various sources into a user-friendly dashboard, offering comprehensive insights that may surpass the capabilities of competitor reporting tools.

Innovative Data Integration: Amerge Tech's integration of various data sources, including Amazon Ads API, Selling Partner API, Amerge Engine, Amazon Marketing Cloud, and Amazon Marketing Stream, provides clients with a comprehensive view of their performance. This innovative data integration, particularly through Amazon Marketing Cloud's 'log level data,' enables Amerge to offer insights into customer actions post-ad engagement in a GDPR-compliant manner, potentially surpassing the capabilities of competitors in terms of data granularity.

Sustainable Growth: We analyse and forecast your profitability and growth on Amazon. We plan to boost total sales, reduce operational costs, drive incremental customers, help expand into new markets and use advanced analytics including AMC and Amazon Marketing Stream.

Product or service innovations

Amerge's latest innovation, the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) integration, introduces a suite of features that elevate the precision and effectiveness of Amazon marketing strategies.

One notable feature is the ability for custom grouping of campaigns, allowing businesses to organize and tailor their campaigns based on unique objectives and target audiences. The inclusion of linear multi-touch attribution is a game-changer, providing a holistic view of the buyer journey by assigning credit to each touchpoint that contributes to a conversion. This goes beyond traditional last-touch attribution, offering a more comprehensive understanding of the customer's path to purchase.

First touch attribution is another distinctive feature, ensuring that the initial interaction with a customer receives full sales credit, a departure from Amazon's reporting on last touch only. Amerge recognizes the importance of breaking down the path to conversion, and AMC facilitates this by providing detailed insights into the customer journey. This feature allows businesses to analyze and understand each step a customer takes before making a purchase, enabling them to tailor their strategies accordingly. Moreover, the capability to calculate multi-touch attribution on a campaign group level adds another layer of sophistication. AMC empowers businesses not only to evaluate individual touchpoints but also to assess the collective impact of entire campaign groups on conversions, providing a nuanced and data-driven approach to campaign optimization.

In essence, Amerge's latest product innovations, particularly the custom grouping of campaigns, linear and first touch attributions, and the granular analysis of the path to conversion, demonstrate a commitment to providing businesses with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of Amazon marketing and achieve success in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Customer case study

SONAX is a German leading manufacturer of car care products in Europe. After experiencing a decline in Sponsored Ads and DSP performance in 2022, they sought a new partner to manage their Amazon Ads. In March 2023, SONAX initiated a partnership with Amerge across EU5, entrusting us with the management of both DSP and Sponsored Ads.

Amerge Approach with segment-based setup: DSP campaigns were meticulously structured to provide a detailed view of ROAS across various targeting segments. In addition to conventional segments like behavioral and retargeting, we introduced customized competitor targeting to enhance market share.

Incrementality set-up: To optimize the acquisition of New-To-Brand (NTB) customers, we strategically excluded top detail page viewers from targeting. This approach ensured that our efforts were concentrated on potential customers who hadn’t yet engaged with the brand.

Holistic reporting in Amerge View: Going beyond the standard metric of advertising ROAS, SONAX places significant emphasis on understanding the overall impact of ads on their total vendor sales. This comprehensive evaluation is facilitated by our integrated dashboard, Amerge View, which combines both retail and advertising metrics.

With the new set up, Amerge was able to increase efficiency of the Amazon Ads by improving the DSP ROAS from an average of 8.90 to 29.39 by the end of Q3. In the same period, Amerge managed to push the products to deliver a growth of 42% in total sales on Amazon.

“The cooperation with Amerge is consistently positive and has met our expectations. Thanks to Amerge, we not only managed to increase our ROAS, we also increased our market share and brand awareness. We have also found a reliable and competent partner with whom we are happy to work successfully.” Michael Bayerle, Pan-EU Key Account Manager at SONAX

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