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Interactive 3D Online Shop Extension

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The most captivating and immersive online experience is found in 3D commerce. Shopping online is fundamentally an emotional journey, where decisions are reached more swiftly when the sensory appeal is heightened. We developed an all-in-one platform for 3D Commerce that let e-commerce providers create, manage, and share interactive virtual experiences for online shops. We offer an all-in-one platform for creating, managing and sharing impressive 3D, AR and VR experiences. We specialize in enterprise metaverse solutions, virtual showrooms, 3D product presentations and virtual events. Our Interactive 3D Online Shop Extension not only promotes unparalleled imagination, but also strengthens confidence in the purchase decision. By incorporating 3D elements, we make the buying process not only more entertaining, but also more interactive, deepening the customer's bond with their self-designed product. This not only improves customer satisfaction, but also leads to stronger customer loyalty and faster, more confident decision-making. In a constantly evolving e-commerce world, our Interactive 3D Online Shop Extension is setting new standards. Not only do we provide a solution to the problem of visualization and personalization, but we also create an immersive, branded experience that paves the way for the e-commerce of the future. It’s a world where you can share space with customers, show them around, and let them browse in an immersive branded environment. Our 3D Commerce Solution can be used to integrate 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) content into e-commerce experiences and for placing 3D products in a virtual world to create an immersive virtual showroom with direct selling and payment options.

Distinction from the competition

Our 3D product views transform online shopping into a new, interactive, & exciting experience with 3D & AR content, leading to various benefits:

  • Enhanced Sensory Experience: Immersive online shopping, which can lead to up to +360% longer dwell time, expedites decision-making.

  • Interactive & Personalized Shopping: 3D elements make shopping entertaining & interactive, offering product design & personalization options, & reduce the return rate up to 70%.

  • Increased Customer Confidence & Loyalty: Personalized, immersive experiences boost purchase confidence & loyalty, with a up to 30% increase in purchase probability.

  • Revolutionizing E-Commerce: Pioneers a new approach in how customers view & interact with products online, contributing to a up to 5x better Google ranking.

  • Effective 3D Visualization & AR: Advanced 3D & AR technologies provide dynamic, realistic product views, enhancing the overall online shopping experience.

rooom differentiates from other 3D software with its lightweight data packages, ensuring ultrafast delivery & compatibility across devices without needing dedicated software downloads. It employs web standards that run on any device while offering superior 3D model quality – realistic, true to scale, & high quality. Integrating online shop systems is simple, with plugins for common e-commerce systems. We also have a payment integration, e.g. for Paypal, that makes it possible to map the entire purchase & payment process in virtual showrooms. In summary, the Interactive 3D Online Shop Extension stands out with its immersive, interactive, & personalized shopping experiences, boosting customer satisfaction & loyalty. It is particularly easy to use thanks to a user-friendly CMS, for which no programming or 3D expertise is required. However, if developer skills are present, additional functionalities such as gesture control, personalized branding, configurators, gamification elements, etc. can be programmed via the API.

Product or service innovations

In our relentless pursuit of innovation, we're reshaping the e-commerce landscape through the integration of 3D technology. Our key advancements 2023:

  • Space Editor V2: Our enhanced tool for creating virtual environments now comes with new features and templates, revolutionizing how users interact with products in 3D e-commerce spaces.

  • Automated Product Renderings: Reducing the need for traditional product photography, this feature provides a scalable solution for displaying products in 3D, streamlining e-commerce operations.

  • Upgraded Space Viewer: An even smoother integration of 3D spaces into online stores, this tool requires no programming skills, democratizing the use of 3D in e-commerce.

  • Expanded Tools for Developers: We've enriched our Playground, offering developers more resources to innovate in 3D e-commerce, leading to more personalized shopping experiences.

  • 3D Commerce Research: Together with Fraunhofer IOF, we started a research project that focuses on high-frequency 3D scanning and surface reconstruction, crucial for creating photorealistic 3D models for e-commerce, enhancing product visualization, and is supported with public funds.

  • AI rooom Assistant: Our AI Assistant surpasses traditional 2D chatbots, offering more personalized online shopping experiences by understanding customer needs better.

  • Optimized Avatars and Faster Loading: Improvements in avatar loading times enhance the overall user experience, making 3D e-commerce interactions more efficient.

  • Tour Players with Jump Markers: These new features enable easier navigation in virtual spaces, elevating the user's journey through 3D online stores.

  • Indicator Feature in Space Editor: A traffic light system now informs users about the loading impact of objects in 3D spaces, optimizing e-commerce experiences without technical knowledge.

Customer case study

Porta uses the integration of 3D models from rooom to present its furniture in a more immersive way and to explain them better through animations. The AR function is also used for this purpose, both in the online store and in the brochures, with which customers can project the furniture into their own four walls. Video: Porta website with 3D integration:

eQ-3, the manufacturer of Homematic IP, was looking for innovative, attractive ways to present its smart home products online. They teamed up with rooom to create 3D product visualizations that fit seamlessly into their web design. Read the full article to learn how 3D product visualizations boost conversion with an interactive customer experience: In order to present the product novelties to customers, PUKY has been on the road at many trade fairs until thy discovered our virtual showroom solution. The manufacturer of the mini-bikes can now present all products online in 3D and augmented reality.


  • Dr. Ludger Vogt, CEO of Smart Commerce: "Our collaboration with rooom is generating new e-commerce opportunities globally."
  • Marketing Homematic IP: "Interactive 3D products provide a user-centric experience and reflect our innovative image."
  • Lars Sill, Webshop Administrator at PUKY: "I am impressed by rooom's price-performance ratio and the ability to create 3D models from simple product images." •- Samsung: “rooom is the WordPress for the Metaverse.”

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