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UnifyAI - An Enterprise Grade GenAI Platform

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Data Science Wizards Limited tackles the hurdle of scaling and predictably transitioning AI and ML projects from pilot stages to full production with its GenAI Platform, "UnifyAI." This platform simplifies the integration of AI within enterprises, addressing the technical complexities and streamlining workflows that often stall AI projects. While some large enterprises are transforming with AI, many, particularly smaller firms, struggle to innovate. DSW's UnifyAI aims to empower organizations to not just use AI but to innovate, creating new business use cases and models. Key obstacles include the need for diverse skill sets, coordinated systems development, and model scalability, and lifecycle management. UnifyAI's unified framework is designed for cross-functional teams to collaborate effectively, sharing data and insights to bring AI initiatives to successful production.

Distinction from the competition

UnifyAI distinguishes itself in the AI and data science landscape by offering unique contributions that enrich the collective effort to enhance enterprise customer services. Embracing ongoing innovations in the field, UnifyAI focuses on collaboration within the industry, contributing to the broader ecosystem and harnessing AI's transformative potential. Key features include:

Integration Configuration: Tailoring solutions to enterprise data environments, whether on-premises or in the cloud, aligning with specific operational workflows to enhance adaptability.

Business User Accessibility: Empowering non-technical users with tools like co-pilot RH handlers to extract insights, potentially reducing the technical barrier and broadening AI adoption.

GenAI Capabilities: Augmenting the skills of data professionals by enabling the application of generalized AI features, expanding the range of available AI functionalities for data engineers, scientists, and developers.

Intelligent Core Engine: Showcasing an advanced core engine for superior performance, facilitating the development of AI/ML business value chain use cases from experimentation to production.

Collaborative Ecosystem: Fostering a seamless and user-friendly collaborative environment and promoting teamwork across diverse organizational roles for enhanced productivity.

Open-Source Foundation: Upholding open-source principles for flexibility and community-driven innovation, allowing extensive customizations and integrations.

These factors position UnifyAI as a robust alternative in the enterprise AI platform market, emphasizing adaptability, accessibility, collaboration, and a commitment to open-source principles.

Product or service innovations

We are ready with our first GA version with AutoAI and GenAI capabilities. UnifyAI tackles the complex challenge of deploying AI for competitive enterprise advantage. This integrated platform streamlines the entire AI development lifecycle, from data to deployment, avoiding disjointed tools and processes. Addressing technical hurdles in algorithm development and data integration, UnifyAI ensures adaptability and accuracy. The platform facilitates collaboration across teams, fostering a culture of shared insights. Ultimately, UnifyAI promises reduced total cost of ownership and faster deployment of AI initiatives, enabling organizations to scale AI use cases with predictability and reduced complexity, fulfilling the business need for a simplified yet powerful AI deployment solution. UnifyAI is already adopted by three client in production: a leading life insurance company, and health insurance company and OxSDE for building and deploying AI Use cases for climate and sustainable environment data.

Customer case study

UnifyAI's impact on a reputed life insurance company in India is exemplified through several use cases:

1: Sales Attrition Challenge: Predict employee attrition for customer relations, marketing plans, and sales goals. Solution: A real-time model on UnifyAI for attrition monitoring during sales agent onboarding. Value Benefits: Successful deployment enables business users to monitor attrition in real-time without intervention.

2: Persistency Challenges: scattered persistency models, offline inference, manual execution. Solution: centralized model repository, real-time processing, unified data pipeline, reusable features on UnifyAI. Value Benefits: Improved efficiency; streamlined workflow with DataOps and MLOps; real-time insights for collaboration; and scalability.

3: Early Claim Prediction Challenges: fragmented model management, offline inference, scripting, and coordination challenges. Solution: Leveraging UnifyAI as for Persistency use case, automated model orchestration, model ensemble. Value Benefits: API integration for seamless workflow benefits from the use case.

4: Pre-Issuance Verification Call (PIVC) Challenge: Manual assignment of policies for underwriting is time-consuming and redundant. Solution: Automatic data pipeline, model trained on UnifyAI, deployed with a configurable API. Value Benefits: Gains risk insights, informed decisions based on risk appetite for new customers.

From Pilot to Production: UnifyAI's Transformative Impact Engagement: Started with addressing sales attrition and persistency challenges. Success: Propelled into full production with a centralized model repository and real-time inference. Expansion: Tackled complex challenges, including early claim prediction and PIVC. Scalability: Journey highlights UnifyAI's scalability and real-world impact. Strategic Integration: Integral part of the client's decision-making processes, showcasing transformative power for sustained innovation and growth.

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