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Amazon agency


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We are holistic full-service Amazon agency. We help companies and brands to succeed on Amazon globally, by maximizing their presence and sales on Amazons’ marketplaces.

We are founded by Amazon sellers, for Amazon sellers (and those brands, companies and manufacturers who wants to sell on Amazon’s marketplaces).

Distinction from the competition

To be successful on Amazon the two most important things are:

  1. You need to be relevant
  2. You need to be found on the keywords the Amazon customers are using when searching to find and buy your type of product – in other words; you need to rank your products on Amazon to be found and to sell.

70-80% of all Amazon sales comes from product related keywords searches, and most of the sales comes from page one. That means you need to rank organically on those keywords to be found by the customers and to sell your products.

So many talks about Amazon ads, Amazon SEO, Brand Store and A+. Nothing of that matters if the Amazon customers can’t find you.

And that is what we do. We help you to Rank On Amazon (hence our name; Rankona Mazon).

What distinct us from our competition is our experience, competence, and strategies to help our clients to successfully rank their products on Amazons marketplaces globally.

As a full-service agency of course, we have crème de la crème expertise on all the other important parts of successfully managing an Amazon business.

Another thing that separates us from our competitors is our policy of just hiring competence with vast and successful Amazon private label background for our Strategists positions.

With a documented history of succeeding (minimum of +$1M in sales within 12 months) with their own private label brand, we can be rest assure that our Strategists can help any brand to succeed on Amazon when implementing their experience together with our proven strategies and methods.

Product or service innovations

Our Deep Amazon Analysis (DAA) where we give a full and detail insight of the demand, sales volumes, and competition on Amazon marketplaces. Our Deep Amazon Analysis clearly shows the challenges and opportunities the brand will have with Amazon, but it also show how our clients can stand out and take market shares on the different Amazon marketplaces. The Deep Amazon Analysis is always the foundation for our Amazon marketplace strategy.

Our Launch and Ranking Strategy that helps our client to reach page one on Amazons marketplaces organically for the most important keywords. Our Launch and Ranking Strategy is developed with more than 85 years total experience of successful selling on Amazon. The foundation remains the same, but the strategy is continously being developed in parallel with the changes in Amazon's A9 algoritm. The Launch and Ranking Strategy is also tailored based on each unique client's need and the different Amazon marketplaces.

Relevancy Score. Relevancy is the latest and most important metric if you want to succeed on Amazon. The Amazon a9 algorithm has changed lately and is since the last 12 months the singular most important factor if you want to be able to create great success on Amazon’s marketplaces. We have developed a point (in %) system where we test our client’s products relevancy even before we launch them on Amazon. By micro testing our clients’ products with their competitors’ products to Amazon customers off Amazon, we get invaluable feedback and data.

We have implemented a Relevancy Score that needs to be reached before we launch our clients’ products. When the Relevancy Score is met, we already know before we launch the product on Amazon that it will be a success!

Customer case study

Cura of Sweden had noticed a both flattened out and decreasing trend for their weighted blankets in Sweden and wanted to see how they could increase their export shares.

Rankona Mazon presented Amazon Germany and Amazon Europe as a strong opportunity to increase their ecommerce sales and export.

After a Deep Amazon Analysis was performed, we could point out the exact success factors for Cura of Sweden, based on the demand on Amazon’s European marketplaces, the sales volumes and their competition.

With the information from the Deep Amazon Analysis, together with Cura of Sweden’s marketing material, we created Perfect Listings that we secured a high Relevancy Score for. In other words, we knew already before launching on Amazon, that we would be able to create success.

We also created an aggressive Launch and Ranking Strategy to make sure to take Cura of Sweden’s, by then only product we were working with, to page one.

After just 7 days we were on the upper half of page one for all major keywords.

We kept pushing and within two months we were top 5 on each main keyword. A position we were able to hold the whole year.

Due to the success with the first product, we also got the opportunity to launch a second product during the year. This time we created a Launch and Ranking Strategy with the goal to just piggyback on the first product we had launched for Cura of Sweden, without setting aside any budget at all for the launch.

Within two months we managed to get this product to page one on all major keywords as well.

When we summarized the year, we had reached a total sales of €5M from just two products, which is quite spectacular the first year on Amazon for a small brand like Cura of Sweden.

With our help Amazon as a sales channel grew from nothing to being a vital part of their total revenue.

Positive feedback & testimonials

“Rankona Mazon helped us to 9x our revenue (2M SEK to 18M SEK) on Amazon within 12 months thanks to their deep Amazon analysis and their detailed strategy. Investing in the services of Rankona Mazon is the best investment I’ve ever made as an entrepreneur.” - Tomas Westberg, founder of Better Hockey.



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