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Amazon Seller Central Management Services Agency. Walmart Marketplace Account Management Services A fully customizable Shopify website builder A fully customizable Wordpress website builder

Distinction from the competition

Amazos is a company that manages e-commerce platforms, implementing 7 years of innovation, development and management of e-commerce sales systems at a professional level to create profitability for its customers. With over 7 years of sales platform management experience, the impressive capabilities of our team caters to big and small brands in every aspect of managing their e-commerce sales system. Our capabilities as a team will help you be the best you can be. Because no matter what you sell, e-commerce sales is a profession and you need the best staff on your side, supporting and making your success happen. We combine our experience in e-commerce sales and help you achieve your goals.

Product or service innovations

The client sells basic consumer products with lots of extras at very low-profit margins. This is not an easy challenge for the advertising managers because there is no margin and flexibility to be creative and flexible in the promotion funded on Amazon (PPC). The client came to us for management in the middle of the year. As usual, we carried out maintenance and thorough handling of the campaigns, but we didn't start PPC until we improved the list in the most uncompromising way - content, images and creative in general, SEO, competitor research, market and expressions.

Customer case study

3.3% advertising expenses from the turnover! From $47,000 to $90,000, in three months! 28% ACOS percentage and 3.2% TACOS!

Positive feedback & testimonials

So in this Amazon store there was a lot to improve and also a lot of products, so it took us about 4 months of optimizations. At this stage the client does not see results at all, but sees a trend, sees work, investment, seriousness but does not see more money. From experience, a very large percentage of customers already despair at this stage when they only see the tens of thousands of dollars they invested in the quality of the listings. Yes, yes, you heard right, tens of thousands of $, we already said that we do not compromise on quality?! But at Amazon the name of the game is patience. If you work correctly, understand the arena, see a trend and improvement in the indices, it's only a matter of time until the whole story starts to kick in.... After we improved everything we could, at the beginning of September, the conversion percentages improved a lot (which is the most important and basic thing before being flooded with traffic). This gave us the green light to not be afraid to put our hands and budgets in Top of Search placement for almost any product.



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