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3D Web, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR)


Product or service description

We are one of the first providers of a 3D online shop system that displays not only the products but also the shopping world in photorealistic 3D. The display is completely device-independent, so that it can be experienced in the web browser on PCs as well as on smartphones and tablets, and as an intensive experience in a VR headset. Our frontend can basically be connected to any store system, thus extending your existing online store system without redundant data maintenance. The special feature of a 3D online store is that the products are presented in a realistic display, so that customers get a better idea of what the product actually looks like. A 3D online store can also provide a more immersive shopping experience, as customers feel like they can grab the product and view it from all sides individually. Don't have a 3D representation of your products yet? No problem! We also create these based on real 3D scans in our scanlab or CAD drawings and photos, among other things.

Distinction from the competition

3D online stores are still very rare and without standards. We create a generic version of your store with direct connection to your existing online shop system. Everything works on the basis of web technology, so that even a customer with a VR headset does not need to install an application and can still enjoy the complete spatial impression of your store and your products. All relevant data comes directly from their existing store system. This also applies not only to the item data, but also to the checkout. Of course, the data of the customers and the order will be returned to your original system, so that the logic works as usual and no separate work is necessary. If you don't have an online store yet, we are happy to offer you a customized backend.

Product or service innovations

In addition to your own universal 3D Onlienshop, we will soon offer our customers a shopping world in which they can store in many different stores. The "Onlineshop-Metavers" so to speak. We call it "VR The Shop". Here, all prospective buyers are grouped together and are thus available to all suppliers as potential customers.

Customer case study

https://newwave.de/en/372-customize-men 3D intergration for customizing your own clothing. The company New Wave Sportswear was founded in 1992 in Berlin and develops and produces his sports and functional clothing for rowers directly in Germany.

https://www.exreal.de/content/nike/nike-shox-r4-neymar-jr.html Integration of a 3D Object of a Sneaker in a normal Onlienshop

https://www.exreal.de/3dviewer/example/CF-33AEHAATN_animation_coded_2.html 3D Product from Panasonic used for Panasonic's B2B presentation

https://www.americanfoodclub.de/vr-shop/App/ 3D Onlineshop for Webbrowser with American Food



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