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TARQAN - The first fulfillment robot built by a fulfillment company


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Warehouse automation is becoming the new norm of every business aspiring to grow and achieve efficiency, especially for e-commerce companies and fulfillment centers.

Some potential benefits of using goods-to-person(G2P) robots, such as TARQAN are:

  • provide substantial cost and resource savings,
  • eliminate the challenges caused by labor shortages,
  • enhance customer satisfaction with faster deliveries,
  • increase the overall operational efficiency.

Compared to a manual workforce, TARQAN also provides the following:

Better Picking Rates: While an operator collects 120-150 products per hour, TARQAN eliminates the redundant walk time, increasing the picking rate by 300%, which provides a picking capability of 400-500 products per hour.

Improved Accuracy: TARQAN provides a 99.99% picking accuracy while collecting orders in the warehouse.

TARQAN is suitable for businesses from all industries, from pharmaceuticals and consumer packaged goods to food and beverage and automotive, providing them with resilient and flexible supply chains.

Distinction from the competition

TARQAN's first and foremost unique value proposition is being a product derived from the 10+ years of experience of OPLOG—a tech-enabled fulfillment company.

During the R&D stage, OPLOG poured all its unique know-how and first-hand experience into TARQAN. Ultimately who could understand the requirements of a fulfillment operation more than a fulfillment company?

As a result, we've accomplished to distinguish TARQAN from its competitors, offering many that others can't:

  • Carbon Fiber Shell: A first amongst its peers, TARQAN has a carbon fiber shell that provides the durability needed in volatile environments like warehouses.

  • Best-of-Class Dimensions: With a height of 194mm, TARQAN is the thinnest fulfillment robot within its class. Despite its figures, TARQAN has the highest payload capacity of 1.000 KG.

  • Increased Storage Capacity: TARQAN's slim dimensions provide up to 30% more storage space than its competitors.

  • Aesthetic Design: We know how important the design of the tools and robots we work alongside all day is. Thus, we put in the extra effort to make TARQAN as appealing as it gets.

Product or service innovations

Robotic solutions emerge as the most significant innovation in the world of e-commerce, where the requirements are changing rapidly, and the transition to automatization and robotics are the only ways to succeed. TARQAN, as a robotic fulfillment solution setting the game's rules, makes businesses champions of e-commerce operations.



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