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We transform online shops into digital flagship stores.

SAGA is a branding agency focused on e-commerce and digital storytelling. We create customized online shops, digital products and services that combine user-centricity with unique brand identities. We hate standards and love the unique.

Our Approach:

As eCommerce has matured, the experience design industry has expanded and refined best practices. And while they’ve helped optimize metrics like conversion rate, their widespread adoption has also homogenized brands across the internet. As a result, what used to be premier shopping experiences have regressed into generic eCommerce websites that do little to build long-term value and differentiate a brand.

To be best-in-class, you have to define best-in-class. This means seamlessly unifying a brand's purpose, personality, and reason to buy with effortless shopping utility. As competition intensifies and commoditization looms, businesses must strengthen their positions by fully embracing the depth and richness of their brands.

When creating branded eCommerce experiences, we put people at the centre of every decision with a thoughtful blend of data, intuition, design, content, and technology. We rapidly prototype, iterate, and collaborate in close partnership with our clients to build experiences that are more than a useful curation of best practices and optimizations. On the contrary, we design and engineer brand sites that drive sales through differentiation and purpose.

Distinction from the competition

User-centred and brand-driven.

Based on an iterative design-thinking approach, SAGA established its own interactive process that integrates a highly brand & experience-driven approach. Thereby, insights about user needs derived from the Consumer Insights domain are incorporated in the Branded UX Concept and design, as well as brand-based design guidelines derived from the Digital Brand Identity.

The integration of all domains in the iterations guarantees an extremely high, user-centred quality on the one hand. On the other hand, the brand is “baked” into a Digital Flagship Store and thus ensures that the brand promise and the user experience are congruent and match the user's expectations.

Moreover, this process comes with all the additional advantages of agile/ iterative methods, such as fast reaction times, quick and frequent iterations, etc.

Product or service innovations

Maier Sports:

We revised the corporate identity and focused on elements that create a visible bridge for Maier Sports' users between the existing offline world and the new webshop. With newly interpreted design elements, we give a modern, contemporary look.

The Maier Sports brand should appear modern and work cross-functionally, both offline and online, bringing together existing customers and new users in the course of the webshop relaunch. Through large-scale and high-quality product staging, we optimize the digital presentation of the products. The product detail page has a progressive approach and breaks with the conventional structure, playing with the presentation and information of the product, but without losing the sense of perfect usability. The introduction of rounded corners makes the interface modern and clearly more interactive, clickable elements form a context that creates a stringent user experience.

In order to make day-to-day content maintenance easier for the Maier Sports editors, we work with striking, combinable modules, whether on the home page, product detail page or in articles. With sliders and content elements that can be changed and adapted in many ways, content design is quick and easy.


The new should be the first logical visit for every fashion affine woman. A platform where styling ideas, product information, curated editorial content as well as the personality of the brand is closely related to the product itself. Embodying content commerce was our approach here. Storytelling is a huge part of the product, so the product comes to life through detailed information in a cultural context. Editorial content, image campaigns as well as product stories are so well connected, that the customer gets lost in what she loves the most – fashion.

Customer case study

Maier Sport:



Positive feedback & testimonials

"With the design of the Maier Sports website, SAGA has perfectly translated the realignment of our brand into the digital world. The website now offers a varied user experience with a focus on the core brand values." ‍ – Martin Klapczynski, Online Marketing Manager, Maier Sports

"The shop impresses with its strong visual language, high performance and perfect usability. The shop is extremely simple and extremely clever in the details - that is fun and also convinced the jury. The Shop Usability Award in the particularly competitive “Fashion” category therefore goes to Hallhuber this year." ‍ – Shop Usability Award 2020 "Best fashion shop"

"The online shop of the traditional Swiss company offers clear product navigation based on gender, product type and type of sport. The content of the shop is expanded in many places with high-quality content on the topics of outdoor and sustainability, creating a varied user experience with a strong brand identity."

– Shop Usability Award 2020 "Best shop in Switzerland" ‍


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