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Automatisierung bei großen Produktkatalogen (mind. 1000 Artikelnummern)


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We help e-commerce companies win the large catalog game.

Maintaining a large and growing catalog (1k, 10k, 100k, 1M SKUs) is tough, multiple people work on the data, update product images, the company can quickly lose track of it. The quality of the product data and images deteriorates and with it the sales. We help these companies to maintain an overview and automate many steps in the process.

Distinction from the competition

Many companies have resigned themselves to the challenges of a large product catalogue and don't even know that automation is possible. We automate product structure, title generation, description, translation, branding or image editing for any sales channel. We establish digital workflows and create reports. Everybody knows what products require attention and how everything is going.

Product or service innovations

We have streamlined the maintenance of ingredients for a tea company so that it can sell in several languages, enabling the company to gain a foothold in new European markets more quickly.

Customer case study

The public reference is GAIWAN Teemanufaktur, selling more then 300 teas in 8 languages in 2 channels. Every tea is available in 4 package sizes, making up 1200 SKUs in total, times 16 languages.


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