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Pipedrive sales-first CRM

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Product or service description

Pipedrive is a sales-first CRM that offers SMBs effective, easy-to-use tools for growing their business. Pipedrive’s product offering covers the whole revenue cycle, supporting teams with finding high-quality leads, closing deals faster, growing their revenue and concentrating on what really matters in business - building and nurturing relationships with customers. In addition to fully integrated email marketing and project management tools, Pipedrive’s sales-first CRM has nearly 400 apps in its marketplace, integrating Pipedrive with strategic software providers trusted by millions of users.

When using spreadsheets or paper and pen for tracking sales, sales professionals do not have a clear understanding of their sales processes, pipelines, and opportunities. Alternative CRM users oftentimes join Pipedrive as they are looking for a CRM that would be easy to use and set up and effective to drive sales performance. As Pipedrive was built by actual salespeople, since the beginning, our product development principle has been to include only features that salespeople actually need for their everyday work.

Distinction from the competition

Pipedrive's visual sales pipeline makes customer relationship management easy, allowing sales professionals to track leads, identify opportunities, measure key activities, streamline sales workflows, and focus on sales success. Automated reminders and follow-ups increase productivity by eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Real-time reports show sales reps and sales managers which business processes to prioritize.

Main characteristics that differentiate Pipedrive from other offerings:

  • Focus on the needs of SMBs. Pipedrive is all about serving the needs of small businesses and offering tools that sales professionals need for being more efficient and successful. We are including only features that salespeople actually need and use. This allows us to keep the product simple.

  • Easy to use. One of the principles since the beginning has been keeping the product intuitive and easy to use. The product is based on kanban view which reflects the work and thought process of salespeople. Pipedrive is self-teachable and fully self-served software. This means that our users do not need expensive external software implementation partners or training. With thorough tutorials and “how to” materials, our users can easily set-up Pipedrive themselves and start using the software from day one effectively.

  • Effectiveness and driving sales performance. Our number one goal is to help our customers win more deals. Our customers average 28% more deals in their first year.

Product or service innovations

In 2022, did some major updates in its sales CRM, including automation features as well as launched a number of new products to complement the core product:

Campaigns by Pipedrive brings together marketing and sales under one roof, providing users with a centralized place to manage their email marketing campaigns all within Pipedrive. From creating marketing emails and distributing to subscribers to having a real-time 360 degree view of all their data in one place, Pipedrive customers are equipped to better meet business goals and objectives across teams all on the same platform. Our users send 1M emails every week using Campaigns.

Projects by Pipedrive - a tool that supports running projects through automation, templates and improved task management.

Workflow automation - allows to create to create sequences of automated actions where an action can use a previous action information. This technology enables to define the order of the tasks to be created after a trigger, define custom due dates for automated activities, initiate lead automations based on engagement and qualification, and offer a revamped UX that make it easier to set up longer/more complex workflows.

Tier 1 integrations - we developed several strategic integrations. For instance, integrations with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger enable Pipedrive users to get new leads from messenger tools and have conversations with them directly from their CRM. An integration with DocuSign, the leading e-signature solution, allows users to create, send, sign and manage online sales documents without having to switch between different tabs.

Customer case study

Mystery Minds, a HR tech company from Munich, offers solutions with which employees from different departments of a company can network better and more meaningfully digitally. Since remote working models have become increasingly popular, the demand has increased enormously - and thanks to Pipedrive, it can be met perfectly with automated sales processes and intelligent pipelines.

Mystery Minds has been a Pipedrive customer for some time, but completely redesigned its sales process in September 2021. The individual phases of the customer journey are now mapped very specifically in different pipelines. This overview drastically strengthens communication and efficiency in the team. The workflow automations, with which a large number of routine tasks could be automated, as well as the insights that the tool provides, play a not insignificant role.

After starting using Pipedrive, Mystey Minds doubled their sales and witnessed a 100% growth in the customer sector.

Other case studies: https://www.pipedrive.com/en/case-studies

Positive feedback & testimonials

On a monthly basis, Pipedrive users win more than 1.7 million deals. Within the first year of using Pipedrive, the mean time to close the deal decrease on average by 46% and the average value of won deals increase by 21%.

Some user feedback from Germany:

"Dass wir uns für Pipedrive entschieden haben war eine der besten Entscheidungen, die wir je für unser Business getroffen haben. Die Kundenbetreuung ist nicht nur inhaltlich weltklasse, sondern die Interaktion macht auch durch die menschlichen Antworten viel Spaß. Außerdem bietet Pipedrive neben der Möglichkeit eines Verkaufstools auch Funktionen an, sich zwischen den eingesetzten Mitgliedern unseres Teams über Tasks und Deadlines auszutauschen. Ihre täglichen E-Mail-Zitate sind auch sehr motivierend." Jonas Kehrbaum, Mitbegründer, Epro 360 Global Education

"Pipedrive ist modern, cool und individuell anpassbar. Ebenso ist eine sehr gute App vorhanden. Insgesamt ist Pipedrive sehr einfach zu pflegen, so dass Akquisition richtig Spaß macht! Danke dafür. Endlich etwas, das Freude vermittelt… und es ist innerhalb von 1h erlernbar." Peter Aschenbrenner, Der Augenöffner, Trainer und Berater, Aschenbrenner Training



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