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There’s no online experience more sensual and immersive than 3D – and success awaits any retailer who embraces the new world of virtual commerce. Online shopping, after all, is an emotional process – and decisions are made more quickly the more attractive the sensory experience is. There’s now a way for online retailers to reach their full potential, as the metaverse starts to become a normal way of interacting with merchants. It’s a world where you can share space with customers, show them around, and let them browse in an immersive branded environment. According to a study by ECC Club Cologne, 63% of consumers believe brands and retailers should sell in the metaverse. What is still not in place are practical applications, strategies and technologies that allow shopping in the metaverse. The rooom Enterprise Metaverse Solutions let e-commerce providers create, manage, and share interactive virtual experiences in the metaverse. rooomProducts is the tool for 3D product visualization - to integrate 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) content into e-commerce experiences. The 3D software enables online shops to:

A) Integrate 3D objects and AR views into image gallerys on e-commerce product pages

B) Set up walkable shopping spaces with integrated product catalog and payment transactions.

Key features are:

• Easy 3D model creation using photos or 3D scans

• Integrated Augmented Reality function

• Seamless integration into existing online shops via plugin, iFrame or API

• Interactive product configuration

• Combination with virtual showrooms and 3D shopping spaces (the next level of immersion)

Distinction from the competition

3D product views arouse enthusiasm, increase interaction and the time spent on a web page. Users can intuitively learn about the product and brand - online shopping becomes a new, interactive and exciting experience with 3D and AR content. This leads to:

• Accelerated purchasing decisions: Customers get a better feel for size, fitting, color and texture.

• Less returns: Profound purchase decisions reduce the environmental footprint.

• Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

• Competitive advantage: According to research by Gartner, the metaverse is still in an early stage of development. Providers who implement a metaverse strategy and practical use cases in this early stage can have a first mover advantage and stand out from the competition.

What makes rooom stand out from other metaverse software providers? The rooom platform works with small data packages. Delivery is ultrafast, and every desktop, notebook, smartphone, or tablet can handle them – and without the need to download dedicated software; the 3D platform utilizes web standards that run on any device. At the same time, they provide 3D model quality that surpasses anything that came before – realistic, true to scale, quality 3D products. And the best part: integration into online shop systems is super easy with plugins for common e-commerce systems. Unique for rooom is also the easiness of the 3D model creation. There are several options for this, such as 3D data upload or a professional 3D scan of the products. However, online retailers usually have existing product images. These can be easily uploaded and the rooom platform assembles them into a 3D model.

Product or service innovations

Our software is continuously being developed and updated. As a dynamic startup company, it’s in our DNA to develop new features, solutions and innovations. Our latest updates include new 3D Product Viewer plugin releases (for WooCommerce/WordPress and Shopware 5 & 6). In addition, we have integrated a shopping cart function and online payment (e.g. via PayPal) into our 3D spaces, making the 3D shopping experience even smoother. We have also made important progress in the field of 3D scanning. With an automated 3D scan line, products of different sizes and complexity can now be digitized. This way we can offer software and hardware from one hand. Products of all kinds can be scanned easily and quickly converted into versatile 3D Product Viewers. This means that even a conventional online shop can become part of the metaverse by allowing customers to view products in 3D and project them in AR directly into their surroundings.

Customer case study

eQ-3, the manufacturer of Homematic IP, was looking for innovative, attractive ways to present its smart home products online. They teamed up with rooom to create 3D product visualizations that fit seamlessly into their web design. Read the full article to learn how 3D product visualizations boost conversion with an interactive customer experience:

Positive feedback & testimonials

rooomProducts users have experienced the following results:

• Customers engage more deeply with a product. More intensive engagement with the product leads to higher conversion rates and measurably fewer dropouts.

• The purchase probability can be up to 30% higher because of the improved user experience. At the same time, returns are reduced by up to 70%.

• Identification with the brand becomes significantly stronger. Brands experience a broad audience effect and rejuvenation.

• The search engine ranking of a website can improve with up to a 5-fold increase in ranking position, due to longer dwell times (+360%) on the website.


• "Our collaboration with rooom is generating a number of new opportunities in e-commerce, which can of course be deployed worldwide." - Dr. Ludger Vogt, CEO of Smart Commerce

• “rooom is the WordPress for the Metaverse.” - Samsung

• “Interactive 3D products give our customers a user-centric experience on our website and reflect our forward-thinking image.” - Marketing Homematic IP

• “With the virtual showroom, we can not only present our portfolio in an innovative way, but also tell the story of our product solutions.” - Dr. Stefan Waltering, Product Manager Cell Analysis at BD


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