Rapid Search Zrt.

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Rapid Search - AI-powered search engine

Product or service description

Rapid Search is a next-generation enterprise search engine that helps increase conversion rate for online stores. Our AI-powered instant search bar, dynamic filters, product recommendations, and many other smart features will instantly increase store performance, and improve the customer journey. We bring intelligent, Amazon-like search features to any online store, resulting in higher conversion and lower abandonment rates.

Distinction from the competition

Rapid Search’s unique AI technology ties into many elements of our app, lifting those features above the level of our competition. Artificial intelligence allows our search engine to learn from customers' behavior on the site and therefore it is able to generate personalized recommendations (product, search term, categories) for every visitor guiding them toward products that they are most likely to buy.

Product or service innovations

Our latest big innovation was the implementation of Personalized Search. Based on user history and behaviour, we always show the most relevant and personalized results to online store visitors, using maching learning and big data.

Positive feedback & testimonials

200+ Shopify reviews: https://apps.shopify.com/rapid-search#adp-reviews Testimonials on website: https://rapidsearch.app/#testimonials



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