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UCRAFT: an intelligent eCommerce solution


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Ucraft Next is an intelligent eCommerce solution powered by Ucraft, the website builder allowing users from all walks of life to design exceptional online stores. The platform is powered by Al technology and includes all the features necessary for quick and easy, but sophisticated eCommerce store creation.

If you are a design agency, freelancer, webmaster or a domain and hosting provider, Ucraft is designed to help you save time and resources. It uses AI to speed up tasks like web design and content production. So, things that used to take weeks can now be done in hours. From effortless store management to powerful design tools, Ucraft Next provides all the features necessary to start, maintain and grow an online storefront. We cover all types of products, from physical items to digital content, subscriptions, bookings, and even NFTs through a native marketplace builder we offer.

Distinction from the competition

Ucraft is a leading SaaS solution for the mid-market and enterprise merchant, known for providing users with the experience and ease of use they expect and require from SaaS solutions. Established in 2014, our builder has come to hold an invaluable place in the market, gaining over 1 million dedicated users and continuously praised by customers for top-tier user experience, an abundance of design options, and exceptional customer service. Our goal is to provide merchants and entrepreneurs with all the tools to create and manage an exceptional website or online store - helping them save time and money.

In our quest to reach this goal, we pinpointed several gaps in the existing eCommerce builder market, including time-consuming online store creation, lack of built-in features resulting in expensive outsourcing, costly website maintenance requiring expert knowledge and lack of unique design opportunities.

Most builders on the market had one or more of these issues. The user-friendly builders lacked customizability, while the more sophisticated tools required time, experience, and industry knowledge - something many people (especially beginners) simply don’t have.

With that in mind, we set out on a quest to create a robust platform that was inclusive to all: the newbies, the pros, the online hustlers with decades of experience, and the average Joe looking for an easy way to start an online store and make ends meet. However, we also understood that we needed to categorize all these features and create a user-friendly interface with many options catered to different levels of experience.

Our solid out-of-the-box functionalities for B2B and B2C allow businesses and individual entrepreneurs to establish their online presence, sell physical and digital goods, service subscriptions, and gift cards - all through the power of AI, intuitive navigation, and new-age features.

Product or service innovations

With Ucraft Next, you can now choose between creating an online store manually using a pre-designed template or having the AI powered UC Bot generate the site for you instead. All you need to do is answer a few questions about your business, and several layouts will be automatically generated for you. Now you can also use our next-gen UC Bot to create quality content for your online store and instantly improve SEO through custom bot suggestions.

Customer case study

Source: https://www.ucraft.com/blog/ucraft-success-story-artefacto

“I found Ucraft, searching for multilingual online store solutions. Ucraft has helped me build our website with its powerful multi-lingual options and outstanding design features that have helped me build a very personal and unique website that meets my needs perfectly - all with an affordable price, unmatched by any competitor. Besides, customer support is terrific. Every single issue I’ve had has been dealt with outstanding responses, in a timely manner. You have to try Ucraft! You can build a compelling, multilingual website with minimal effort. They make it easy for you to personalize and enrich your website with articles, search options, and intuitive apps. Ucraft is ideal for e-commerce websites. Using their apps, you will have full control over your operations, design, and marketing with a very integrated and unified user experience.”

Juan Scott Founder/CEO @ Artefacto

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