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Bloomreach Engagement


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Bloomreach Engagement is a single platform that combines the power of an email service provider, a customer data platform, artificial intelligence, marketing automation, and web personalization. It allows businesses to remove data silos and unify customer data from any source into 360° customer profiles, then use this data to launch personalized campaigns in real-time through Bloomreach Engagement built-in-channels.

Ultimately, customers are guided through a tailored, cross-channel journey that shows them the right product, at the right time, backed by real-time insights. In practice, that technology allows a brand to build a customer journey with personalization at the forefront.

E-commerce is now the main form of commerce, and as we enter into a digital first world, it is Bloomreach’s mission to develop commerce experiences that don’t just satisfy customers, but also surprise and delight them.

Distinction from the competition

Unlike competitor’s solutions, Bloomreach Engagement is specifically built for commerce. Digital has increasingly become the first channel through which customers engage with a brand, whether for inspiration, research, or purchase. The need for brands to offer personalized digital experiences that ultimately drive conversions (whether online or offline) is absolutely critical.

That’s why we’ve built our solutions with commerce at the forefront, powering our email solution with unified, actionable data. This data, optimized by powerful AI, allows brands to drive meaningful customer journeys that convert on any channel and every journey, leading to measurable business results and increased revenue.

Product or service innovations

In 2022, Bloomreach launched more than 15 new product features across all three of their product pillars. Engagement specifically continued to deliver innovation for its customers. New features across Engagement include but are not limited to:

-Real-Time Page Personalization (also referred to as Managed Endpoints): makes near real-time changes to a web page, mobile application, or any third-party app at the server, rather than at the time of page load, to deliver fast, flicker-free personalization.

-Plug & Play Library: allows marketers to reduce the time spent completing time consuming tasks such as creating workflows, connecting channels, and automating triggers.

-Custom Campaign Dashboards: empowers teams to take control of their analytics directly within the app, without depending on IT or data scientists. It provides marketers with the ability to easily create and customize their own campaign evaluation dashboard.

-Centralized Site Access: offers simple, centralized login access for businesses with multiple brands. With SSO capabilities, marketers can now log in once to manage all of their brands’ sites from a single place. Additionally, marketers can more easily leverage assets and workflows created in one brand by copying into their other brand instances.

-Personalized Marketing for Salesforce Commerce Cloud (also referred to as Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector): allows Salesforce Commerce Cloud users to easily connect their commerce store to Bloomreach Engagement — fast. Marketers can unify data in a single view and run powerful, data-driven campaigns in as little as two weeks.

-Contextual Personalization in Banners and Popups (also referred to as Weblayers): ensures marketers can build every web campaign with the customer at the center. It allows users to scale 1-to-1 A/B tests so that each customer is shown personalized offers or product recommendations.

Customer case study

Unisport is Europe’s leading online retailer of football boots, shirts, and other sports equipment. Unisport is also a global media platform for football related content with over six million followers on social media worldwide and has headquarters spanning across Western and Eastern Europe especially.

Unisports was already using email marketing and communications to connect with customers but was unable to segment their audience and use that information to meaningfully engage with them and create personalized marketing communications. The company brought in customer data from a different platform, making email marketing a manual process. Bloomreach helped Unisport consolidate its customer data into a single solution that would allow it segment its customer base and connect with customers in a more automated way.

Bloomreach, along with their Mailgun integration, was the ideal solution to Unisport’s email marketing needs. Bloomreach segmented Unisport’s subscriber base into different groups so that the company could communicate with its customers more effectively. Unisport eventually decided that it was best to reduce the number of emails they sent and instead set up events and began tracking customer behavior in Bloomreach Engagement so that they could create personalized and targeted content for their customers.

Despite less email communication, Unisport saw increased revenue from their email marketing with Bloomreach Engagement. Marketing automation revenue was up 300% for Unisport from the year before, and between 2020 and 2021 marketing automation revenue increased an additional 85%. Looking specifically at email revenue, Unisport saw a 50% increase in 2021 compared to 2020.

Positive feedback & testimonials

In February 2022 Bloomreach announced a new investment of $175 million, more than doubling our valuation in one year to $2.2 billion. The funding, which follows a $150 million investment announced in January 2021, was led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management with participation from existing Bloomreach investors Bain Capital Ventures and Sixth Street Growth. The company also entered into a credit facility with J.P. Morgan which solidified Bloomreach’s strategy through scaling their solutions and driving innovation in e-commerce.

Bloomreach Engagement has also shown impressive revenue growth for global companies such as Unisport. Frederikke Wulff, Unisport’s Omnichannel Brand Manager said in regards to the company’s work with Bloomreach Engagement that “Unisport’s purpose is to make football dreams come true. Bloomreach has helped Unisport understand our database even better and most importantly, serve our customers. Before, we already had a lot of data — now we aggregate all data to better understand our customers’ journey. By creating personalized content in a highly automatized way, we support our customers better on their individual journey of making their football dreams come true.”



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