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Remdash is a software that empowers brands to save time and grow faster on Amazon.

The tool allows Amazon Vendors and Sellers to make data-driven decisions through customizable dashboards and automate manual workflows.

The Remdash platform consists of a content management system, custom dashboards, reviews & questions tracking, and a number of seamless integrations, such as content syndication to other marketplaces. In addition, Remdash offers a "Share of Voice" feature to constantly keep an eye on the visibility of the own and competitors' products. Remdash's worldwide unique "Automated Content Protection" alerts users if their content is changed by Amazon and enables an automated case upload.

Headquartered in Hamburg and with offices in London, Paris, Turin, and Barcelona, the software has more than 500 users globally, including brands such as Under Armour, NIVEA, and Philips Hue.

Remdash won the 2021 Best Retail Cases Award in the Best Retail Technology category and the 2022 APPEALIE SaaS Award.

The tool is developed by Remazing -- a leading international provider of services and software for brands on Amazon and other online marketplaces.

Distinction from the competition

Remdash has launched a new software category in the online marketplaces space.

Whilst software for online marketplaces focuses mainly on data collection and bidding, Remdash focuses on workflow automation and turning data into actionable insights.

The “unfair advantage”: Remdash started as a tool used internally at Remazing to make manual tasks and reporting easier for us as an Amazon marketing company.

Now, Remdash has many features that make work on Amazon and other marketplaces easier and quicker. Two example features that are worldwide unique:

Automated Content Protection: Unauthorized content changes happen regularly on Amazon, resulting in lower sales when it's not immediately corrected. With Remdash, users can monitor all their images and PDP content, get alerted if their product content changes, and fix inaccurate content with just a few clicks. Leifheit, a Remdash client, saves more than 1,000 hours of manual work every year with just this feature.

A+ Builder: A+ Pages are a major enhancement to a product’s PDP. However, building A+ pages on Amazon is often time-consuming and not user-friendly. Our A+ Builder allows vendors and sellers not only to simply and intuitively create A+ pages but also Cross-Selling Tables. To decrease manual effort, A+ modules can even be translated and shared between products and marketplaces.

Product or service innovations
  • Share of Voice Most Amazon consumers purchase products by typing a keyword into the search bar. With Remdash's Share of Voice (SoV), clients can keep track of their brand's visibility on Amazon based on relevant keywords. They can monitor their visibility share as well as identify their competitors on single keywords. Remdash's SoV works for organic and paid placements.

  • Automated Content Protection Unauthorized content changes happen regularly on Amazon, resulting in lower sales if not corrected immediately. With Remdash's unique Automated Content Protection, clients can monitor the images and text content on all of their Amazon product detail pages. They get an alert if the product content changes and can fix inaccurate content immediately with just a few clicks.

  • Reviews & Questions Tracking Reviews & Questions offers a tremendous opportunity to understand the customers’ needs. In Remdash, clients can track all of their historic and new Reviews & Questions and respond to customers' questions - important especially since this possibility has been shut down on Amazon. It is possible to export all data from Remdash for internal reporting and use the insights to improve the brand's products.

  • All Data in one Platform Remdash pulls the data from Amazon's Vendor Central, Seller Central, and Advertising Console, making all the important KPIs visible in one dashboard.

Customer case study

Amazon content (product descriptions and images) is often changed without any influence from sellers or vendors. This is usually due to either errors in the Amazon backend or other retailers offering the same products and overwriting the original content. These unauthorized content changes can have severe consequences for brand manufacturers: poorer rankings, loss of Amazon labels (e.g. “bestseller”), and fewer sales.

Remdash’s Automated Content Protection includes content monitoring and fully automated case uploads with just a few clicks – a function that is unique worldwide. Thanks to personalized alerts, the teams are always notified of content changes in real-time so that they can react quickly and directly.

In 2021 alone, Leifheit uploaded 3,300 cases with the help of Remdash and saved a total of over 1,000 hours of time. Around 5% of the brand company’s total Amazon sales were additionally secured, which would otherwise have been lost due to poorer visibility on the platform.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Our client Leifheit (one of Europe's leading suppliers of household products) saved over 1,000 hours in one year and secured 5% of total revenue from otherwise lost sales using Remdash’s Automated Content Protection.

“We save countless working hours per week with Automated Content Protection. Without Remdash, we wouldn't have the chance to monitor our products on a European level in real-time, to initiate necessary changes quickly and thus avoid ranking and sales losses."

  • Anna Katharina Backes, E-Commerce Specialist @Leifheit

“Since we started working with Remdash we have saved a lot of time and money. As a software solution, Remdash is an integral part of our team. I recommend the tool to all brands that sell their products on Amazon.”

  • Philipp Erlewein, Team Lead Digital Marketing @Leifheit

"Remdash is connected with our 3rd party integration software. Once a content change is made on Remdash, it automatically uploads it to all eBay & Amazon EU marketplaces."

  • Lauren Stark, SVP Business Development @mDesign

"You can use Remdash for any Amazon marketplace. We use Remdash across 13 different markets, incl. the EU markets, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, and India."

  • Maximiliano Valenzuela, Global E-Commerce Manager @Beiersdorf

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