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Advanced Commerce is revolutionizing the way businesses use eCommerce with its state-of-the-art merchandising platform, GrapheneHC. Retailers using GrapheneHC can easily control the sequencing that products are displayed on their site, from product list pages, to search results and product recommendations. The power of GrapheneHC lies in its ability to tailor product sequences based specifically on what persona customers have when visiting the online store, ensuring every visitor sees what's most likely to catch their eye. Not only does this increase customer engagement and loyalty throughout the store, but also maximize the store’s potential for increased sales. GrapheneHC enables retailers to determine a blend of attributes and metrics to be used to create a highly targeted product display sequence, and gives granular control over where and when to apply that blend. With an easy-to-use user interface, this unsurpassed level of control offers retailers the ability to manage their businesses with minimal fuss. Unlike specialist software that requires tech savvy understanding, this user interface is specifically designed for end users, meaning retailers don't need any extra knowledge to navigate through it and make changes quickly and easily. This combination of accessibility, convenience and control provides retailers with the perfect solution to maximise their online sales. GrapheneHC is setting a new benchmark in merchandising with its comprehensive set of powerful tools and is quickly establishing itself as the gold standard for online merchandising. It provides unbeatable value for retailers, and it's market-leading technology helps retailers quickly and easily optimize their merchandise strategies. The combination of intuitive user interfaces and cutting edge technology makes GrapheneHC the perfect choice for ecommerce retailers of any size. GrapheneHC offers the perfect solution to make sure your merchandising needs are met easily, quickly and effectively.

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GrapheneHC is designed to be straightforward and intuitive, meaning that retailers do not need to devote extra resources or hire specialist staff to get the most from their online merchandising strategy. Instead, they can easily log into the platform and start creating merchandising blends and strategies themselves. Enterprise grade merchandising software is usually reserved for the biggest of companies, but thanks to GraphenHC, it can now be utilized by small to mid tier retailers as well, giving them the power to compete with even the largest players in the market.

GrapheneHC's unique search engine is something quite special. It's been built from the ground up, allowing retailers to have complete control over their product results and providing the most advanced merchandising capabilities that you won't find in any other search engine. This means that when customers search for products on their site, they'll be presented with carefully curated collections, making sure they always stay engaged with the retailers brand and get the best shopping experience. With such fine-grained control over your product results, GrapheneHC is the perfect choice for any modern retailer eager to stay ahead of the curve.

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In the last 12 months, Advanced Commerce has rolled out several powerful features to benefit its users. One of the major upgrades was GrapheneHC's merchandising insights that offer a peek under the hood of the AI engine and into the "black box". By uncovering the inner workings of these sophisticated technologies, merchandising insights make it incredibly easy to adjust any anomalies that may appear in product display sequences. This level of clarity, which is completely elusive anywhere else, is invaluable for users and helps streamline the merchandising process for e-commerce projects.

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Advanced Commerce started trading just over 12 months ago, in August 2021. Since then we have gone from strength to strength significantly outperforming new client expectations. This has seen the company grow rapidly and secure an oversubscribed top up funding round.


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