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On online marketplaces, product prices change several times a day. In this case, manual price adjustment would not be effective, as it would be very time-consuming and traders would always lag behind the price development of their competitors. SnapTrade offers an automated solution for price optimization. Using a wide variety of strategies, item prices can be adjusted based on different criteria. SnapTrade finds the ideal price to achieve the sale and the best possible margin.

Distinction from the competition

• All-in-one repricing for Amazon, ebay and online stores • No price dumping: Intelligent strategies counteract the price bubble • Integrated price calculation: Merchants can directly track their expected margin • ASIN-Advisor for competitive analysis and development of new product niches • Recording of historical price changes • Powerful interfaces (Plenty, FTP, CSV, XML) • Multi-user system for team processing • Solution-oriented support with individual solutions tailored to customer requirements

Product or service innovations

• Our new setup wizard supports you in changing your user data (e.g. changing your password), managing marketplaces (e.g. adding a new marketplace) or creating product tests. We are constantly developing the wizard. It will later act as a wizard and guide users through the most important applications. This way, you can explore new features on your own at any time without the need for self-study of our help pages or installation instructions. Emails or calls to support will then no longer be necessary. • Product Release ShopSPY: ShopSPY records the offer prices of various e-commerce platforms and compares them with the prices in your online shop. You decide with which portals you want to compare yourself. You will then receive a price proposal for your online shop to update. This allows you to attract customers from the most popular price comparison sites and marketplaces to your own online shop. ShopSPY can offer the portals, Google Shopping and record and compare. If desired, further portals can be added individually for you.

Customer case study

You can read our case study with Koi-Center Riepe here:

Positive feedback & testimonials

With SnapTrade, Koi-Center Riepe has analysed its product range in detail and reduced it to those products that actually bring the company profit. „SnapTrade has also changed our calculation and opened our eyes a bit. Before, we had items where we made 20, 30 cents and sometimes even paid on top. […] Our goal with SnapTrade is to optimize margin, which works very well with the BuyBox-MAX strategy. Some items we sell way above MSRP.“


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