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melibo is a cloud-based tool that allows customer services, marketing and sales teams to build their own chatbot without any coding. The AI-enabled tool will take over the initial setup for the teams. This way it helps in resolving customer inquiries automatically. Within the tool you can access pre-built templates, view analytics, monitor tickets, communicate with customers in real time and easily train your chatbot.

Distinction from the competition

melibo offers an automated intial setup of the chatbot. The automated setup of the chatbot works in several ways. melibo will crawl your FAQ Website, automatically generate intents from existing answers, add advanced small talk skills to the chatbot and design an intelligent human handover. Owners of an online store can also upload a file containing all their product information for melibo to feed to the chatbot. This way, the chatbot will be able to answer questions regarding all products and guide users to find the right product.

Furthermore, melibo has an integrated live chat solution which perfectly matches the chatbot, unlike with an integration to an external live chat software. The AI helps in the live chat by giving the agents suitable answer suggestions. At the same time, the chatbot can be trained so that over time more and more questions can be answered by the bot and fewer questions must be answered by live chat agents.

The melibo platform was developed for E-Commerce brands. It can be integrated with online shop software, such as Shopify and Shopware. This allows it to answer questions about order status, product availability and returns. For example, a customer could ask melibo whether their order has shipped yet, or if a particular product is in stock. Moreover, the melibo's chatbots allow a guided selling approach. They can offer products based on the customer's profile.

Product or service innovations
  • Automated chatbot setup through the use of AI
  • Automated chatbot training
  • Guided Selling
  • Plug & Play Integrations for Shopify and Shopware (more to come)
  • Calendly Integration
Positive feedback & testimonials

In Q1 of 2023 we received the Leader Badge for Chatbot Software on the OMR Reviews page.

Here some feedback of satisfied customers:

“First of all, melibo is super easy to use and provides us with functions that users simply wish they had when using a chatbot. Whether it's the flexibility in the design or in the creation of the chat flow - any changes are in our hands, and we can see everything directly in the live view. We have also experienced very often that many wishes and suggestions for changes are implemented very quickly and we can see how the platform continues to develop successfully. We are always positively impressed by how many possibilities melibo offers us. And visually always on point as well.”

“For our new DigiPark app, we were looking for a chatbot with easy integration and found exactly what we were looking for with melibo. The tool is very easy to understand and therefore very user-friendly. With the direct line to the sales team, we feel well taken care of, look forward to all the features to come and recommend melibo without reservation!”

“Easy setup with great support. I can only recommend it to everyone. I have never experienced the support that melibo provides with such website add-ons. Everything is discussed together and then, after a little personal work, everything is entered directly by melibo. The user interface is very tidy and gives a lot of useful information. All chats/chat flows, as well as the design can be adapted very simply, which also makes a handover to new employees very pleasant and easy. Many useful features included and from my feeling they are really constantly optimizing. If you provide feedback, it is really taken very seriously.”


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