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Storyly Stories

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Storyly is the user engagement platform to embed Stories - full-screen, interactive, and most captivating content format of the day - in mobile apps and websites.

Apps and websites from various industries can benefit from Storyly Stories to; Activate new users with a flawless onboarding flow Drive retention through personalized experiences Grow app stickiness by creating a habit with gamified Stories Gather zero-party data for building contextual audiences through interactive stickers Deliver the relevant messages to the right people with advanced targeting Drive greater sales conversions with shoppable Stories Repurpose your existing content with social media import Grow app/website revenue by monetizing your Stories

With its intuitive studio and dashboard, Storyly also makes creating engaging content that fits the style and design of any mobile app and website effortless. That’s what makes Storyly Stories more than a circle - offering a boundless world of creativity, interaction, and connection.

Implemented by various industry verticals such as e-commerce, finance, food & grocery delivery, lifestyle, health & fitness, and travel, Storyly Stories, by nature, provide mobile apps and websites with an opportunity to communicate any message in a way that is catchy, familiar and interactive rather than intrusive.

Distinction from the competition

Today shopping does not begin with a list of items; it is triggered by “inspiration”. Shoppers visit social media and marketplaces and use search engines for new ideas. According to Statista, marketplaces are the primary source of inspiration for 34% of online shoppers, followed by search engines (31%) and social media (28%). It is vital to deliver the inspiration they are looking for with great and timely content.

An entertaining experience (a.k.a. shoppertainment), an interrupted discovery and shopping journey, and a frictionless checkout process are also among the expectations and demands of shoppers today. Responding to these expectations and delivering an engaging and connected shopping experience in the limited space available on mobile screens is a challenge for marketers.

In a world where everything is connected, Storyly Stories are available for all of the channels to create that connected shopping experience in mobile apps, on websites, in emails, or in-store QR codes - basically for all the touch points.

Storyly Stories creates a new dimension and a unique channel for apps and websites to cut through the noise and better engage with their customers by using the whole mobile screen and a familiar format to deliver easy-to-consume, interactive, personalized, and shoppable experiences in a seamless and non-intrusive way. It empowers the marketing teams to create these engaging experiences without any development efforts after integration.

Be it an image or video content, Storyly Stories not only inspires shoppers during their discovery journey, but also enables them to shop on the spot with product tags, swipe-ups, and CTA buttons. Through its interactive capabilities, mobile marketers can offer gamified experiences while also gathering user feedback, zero-party data, and actionable insights, which can inform the content plans and empower overall marketing strategies from discovery to purchase, from loyalty to advocacy.

Product or service innovations
  • Moments by Storyly which makes user-generated Stories in any mobile app and website possible by adding a social layer
  • Web Stories, which brings the power of Stories to websites
  • Embedded web Stories, bringing a dynamic experience to websites
  • Question Sticker, which is a new interactive element enabling mobile brands to ask open-ended questions to their users to understand the preferences and needs of the audience firsthand and gather insights through zero-party data
  • Audience Builder making it easier to create audience segments and respond to the insights gathered with interactive stickers
  • Custom group cover styling, enabling brands to choose a size and shape that fits their style and display covers dynamically - meaning that the latest unseen Story will always be featured in the entry point image
  • Accessibility feature making Storyly Stories easier for everyone to enjoy
  • Story group animations that help mobile brands highlight new Stories and make them more engaging
  • Integrations with Braze, CleverTap, and MoEngage, make it easier for marketers to combine rich user data with Stories, deliver data-driven, personalized user flows, and collect zero-party data through Storyly’s interactive stickers
Customer case study

Storyly was awarded 42 badges in 2022, including leadership in the Mobile Marketing Momentum grid. The great testimonals could be viewed from:

It also won the “Most Effective App Engagement Platform” and “Most Effective eCommerce App Campaign” in the 2022 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards.


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