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Customer Engagement Platform


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Segmentify, an AI-powered Customer Engagement Platform, provides the best business & technology solutions to enhance every step of the eCommerce customer journey and provides a unique eCommerce growth-consultancy model through its excellence centres and local partner experts.

Distinction from the competition

Segmentify creates omnichannel personalised experiences for each customer in real time basis throughout the entire eCommerce journey to increase conversions, engagement, revenue and customer lifetime value. Unique growth-consultancy model begins by running opportunity analysis for each and every business with an output of success stories

Product or service innovations

Segmentify has been best known as a recommendation engine for several years. During 2022, the company has started a transformation period to become as “Customer Engagement Platform” in the market along with new solutions;

  • Personalisation & Engagement: New personalisation & engagement campaign types such as dynamic bundles, shop the look etc.
  • Segmentation: New segmentation types including rule based segmentation, dynamic segmentation and customer profiles.
  • Gamification: Wheel of fortune, Scratch
  • Cross-Channel Marketing: Personalised Ads, Email Marketing, Push
  • Search & Discovery: Improved before and after search solutions as well as personalised search result page
Customer case study

Caskers is a leading online destination for high-end spirits consumers within the US.

Availability of spirits differs a lot between states in the US, so rather than promoting the same products to every customer, Caskers was looking for ways to improve the use of their vast collection of spirits available to their customers locally. So they choose to work with Segmentify to improve product page performance and resolve the issue.

With the help of Segmentify’s social proof marketing campaigns, Caskers took advantage of FOMO and created urgency to trigger purchases. Information such as how many people were viewing the same product or how many had it in their carts gave shoppers additional reasons to make a purchase, thus boosting conversions.

As a result of this campaign Conversion Rate has increased by 10% while the session value was boosted by 22%.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Dominos: Goal of customising our products for each customer based on their current and past purchase history. As a result, we received the full support of the Segmentify team, both in terms of implementation and during the A/B test period. We did an A/B test between the products we showed as static and the dynamic products we displayed using Segmentify’s machine-learning system and achieved an incremental 162% higher revenue. We have integrated it into Domino’s app channels with the easy SDK module. We were able to do this with minimal effort from the development team, which is one of the most significant positive aspects.


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