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Comparison Shopping Service (CSS)

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OUR PRINCIPLE ACTIVITY Redbrain is a strategic online shopping partner, providing performance marketing services for retailers (our clients). We specialise in helping retailers sell more products online by matching online shoppers with the right products at the right time. To do this, we publish adverts via digital channels such as Google and Microsoft Shopping, on behalf of our retail partners. Our service acquires customers and sales for retailers they otherwise wouldn’t have achieved. We work with intermediaries such as affiliate partners (e.g. AWIN) to onboard and support our activities with retailers.

OUR BUSINESS MODEL We operate using a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) model, meaning our retailers only pay us when we obtain a sale for them and our revenues are based on the commissions we earn from that sale, not the cost to generate it.

Our innovative approach to working was the first of its kind in the industry, and allows us to offer our retail partners a risk-free route to market, in often highly competitive industries. By taking on the upfront risk of getting sales, we have seen rapid adoption rates from retailers looking for performance partners to grow their sales. With 90% of our retailers now using this model, we operate at a large scale, generating 100 million impressions per day and £x in incremental sales value for our retailers in 2022 alone.

Distinction from the competition

Central to our approach is Redbrain’s mission to drive sales for our retailers, consistently and risk free. Our success is tied directly to the success of our clients and our team of Redbrainers, and we build and value collaborative and high trust relationships with both.

Redbrain’s strategic differentiator compared to competitors is our risk-free CPA model, which alongside our cutting edge technology and team of PPC specialists, has been a driver for increasing sales and revenue from our campaigns.

The scale of data that we work with means we are able to make better decisions on retailer ad spend and run our accounts with an additional edge of efficiency. We are often able to outperform more traditional agency teams due to our in-house tech and AI, which dramatically increases sales and ROAS for our retailers.

In a unique commitment to our retail partners, we provide clear reporting and transparency, sharing data insights and working with our retailers to provide forecasts and achieve deeper accountability.

Combining all of this together, we have built a fast-moving, industry leading service, working with some of the biggest brands globally.

Product or service innovations

In a fast-paced, high growth market, innovation and creativity is key to success, and this continues to be true for the growth that we have achieved at Redbrain. We strive for innovation in all aspects of our business, and in the last 12 months, we have focused on how to further streamline our services, making it easier for our retailers to get more sales and improving reporting access.

This includes, but is not limited to a focused review of the Product Feeds, which are provided by our retailers and submitted to Google in order to serve the retailers’ adverts. We have built a ‘Feed Grading Tool’, which is used by our team to automatically assess the quality of a Product Feed and to identify any gaps that need to be addressed, which we share with our retailers. We then work with them to optimise their Product Feed at no additional cost.

By focusing on populating the key attributes and ensuring that the data meets Google’s best practices and requirements, we have been able to enhance feed quality and improve performance in the way of CTR and conversion rates. This innovative tool has saved the team time, helped us to provide an enhanced service to our clients, and improved our working relationship with them as we actively work to increase the likelihood of their adverts showing in the Google Shopping carousel, thus increasing their advert clicks and revenues.

In Q4, we built an automated system which enabled us to share important Q4 insights and forecasts with hundreds of our top retailers. In an industry which can be fairly ‘black-box’ in its approach to reporting and sharing insights, we are more transparent about our campaign activity and results with our retailers and we are happy to let our performance do the talking. Redbrain also employs a multi-lingual team of both Traffic and Performance specialists, fluent not only in English but many European languages. They're able to optimise product data, spot trends, quickly analyse and hit the ground running!

Customer case study


With our advanced tech & AI, in-house team of Shopping experts and the largest ad performance dataset in the world, Redbrain delivers risk-free additional sales, higher ROI and increased market share.

This was successfully proven with our partner baby-walz, who we started working with in September 2020. Constant monitoring of their account and customers’ purchasing behaviour means we can be adaptable to any changes in the market, adjusting our campaign spend and targeting user search behaviour to capture additional sales.

Our most successful partnerships are collaborative, and in 2022, we had support from baby-walz, who increased their CPA. This enabled us to invest more heavily into our activity for them and achieve positive results.

Comparing 2022 to 2021, we saw significant growth across key performance indicators: +279% increase in number of sales +279% increase in sales value (€) +242% increase in clicks +15% increase in ROI

Exploring this further, we also saw a significant YoY (2021 v 2022) increase for several of their key categories and brands. +483% increase in the Clothing category +298% increase in the Living category +566% increase with the brand Sterntaler +258% increase with the brand Tonies


Another of our key partners is engelhorn, who we’ve worked with successfully for almost a year. Using our CSS experience and closely monitoring account performance, we optimise campaigns for growth. We also focus on making timely adjustments, using seasonality and special campaigns to win more customers. Our partnership has progressed strongly, especially in Q4 2022 where we gained an increase of 164% in the number of sales achieved, in comparison to Q3 2022. Deep diving into engelhorn’s customers, we have identified significant opportunities for growth and achieved positive results in popular customer brands and categories since we started our partnership in February 2022.

Positive feedback & testimonials

baby-walz Seit Beginn der Zusammenarbeit im September 2021 hat sich Redbrain im Bereich Comparison Shopping Service zu einem starken Kooperationspartner für baby-walz entwickelt. Durch die Ausspielung performanceorientierter Kampagnen, welche stetig optimiert sowie an Marktveränderungen und Nutzerverhalten angepasst werden, leistete unser CSS Partner Redbrain in 2022 einen großen Anteil am Erfolg unseres Affiliate Marketing Kanals. Redbrain gelang es im vergangenen Jahr zu einem starken Wachstum bedeutsamer Kennzahlen beizutragen, wodurch beispielsweise der erzielte Umsatz sowie die Anzahl an Sales im Vergleich zum Vorjahr mehr als verdreifacht werden konnten. Diese herausragende Entwicklung im vergangenen Jahr machen Redbrain zu einem sehr bedeutsamen Kooperationspartner für baby-walz.

engelhorn Mittels effizienter und partnerschaftlicher Zusammenarbeit konnten die von engelhorn und Redbrain gemeinsam definierten Ziele erfolgreich von Redbrain umgesetzt werden. Dank der hohen Flexibilität und Agilität von Redbrain waren Resultate in kurzer Zeit sichtbar. Das daraus entstandene, konsequente Wachstum von ca. 50 % von Quartal zu Quartal hat Redbrain innerhalb eines Jahres zu einem wichtigen Partner für engelhorn gemacht. Redbrain hat sich durch die erbrachten Leistungen nicht nur als hervorragender Partner etabliert, sondern auch für andere CSS-Partner, die über Affiliate Netzwerke kooperieren möchten, den Weg geebnet. Nicht unerwähnt sollte bleiben, dass sich die Performance von Redbrain nicht negativ auf andere CSS-Aktivitäten ausgewirkt hat. So kann das Umsatzpotenzial von CSS erweitert und zusätzlich effizienter ausgeschöpft werden.


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