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MQ Fit


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Motesque's MQ Fit is a product recommendation technology that enables virtual testing of products. From the comfort of their home, online shoppers of advice intensive products, such as bikes or mattresses, are assisted to choose the correct product for their dimensions and preferences. Implemented as an easy-to-use widget to online and physical stores, the MQ Fit tool uses just two photos of the customer and some basic information like height or weight, to create a 3D avatar. The digital twin of the customer is then used to virtually test products from the store's database using the innovative 3D avatar technology and, as the only solution on the market, biomechanics and physics simulation to ensure accuracy of science-backed results. The best matching products are presented in a few seconds. Designed to solve size and fit-related issues of sellers and their customers, MQ Fit proves to lead to improved customer satisfaction, higher AOV and conversion rate, competitive advantage, faster time-to-purchase and lower size-related returns and its associated costs and environmental impact.

Distinction from the competition

The MQ Fit technology is solving the wrong product size or fit-related problems of e-commerce and retail brands and their customers. To be precise, it enables brands to offer a perfect size and fit online and thus gain advantage amongst competitors, it helps them improve certain KPIs, such as long time-to-purchase, high return rate, high operational efficiency & costs and the high environmental impact. For the end consumers, the MQ Fit tool ensures finding the right product online, prevents them from buying bad ergonomic fit of products, experience inconvenient return processes or overall dissatisfaction with buying advice-intensive products online. Due to this, loyalty towards the brand increases as well as the brand's business results. As the only solution amongst its competitors, the MQ Fit uses biomechanics and physics simulation to replicate the real-life usage of products to ensure the accuracy of resulting recommendations.

Product or service innovations

Within the last 12 months, the use-case of MQ Fit solution was extended from mattresses and bikes to running shoes and apparel. Here are some of the implemented innovations:

  1. Development of a 3D avatar that is scaled to the individual body proportions of the customer based on two pictures
  2. Implementation of a self scaling cloud infrastructure with the purpose to make any interaction between a digital twin (3D avatar) and any product possible
  3. Development of a CNC machine to digitize a mattress’s stiffness profile
  4. Development of a methodology to simulate the interaction between the 3D avatar and any kind of mattress with known stiffness profile
  5. Development of the first and only cloud based virtual bike sizing/fitting tool that uses a 3D avatar and the unique geometries of any bicycle to simulate different scenarios of the customer riding a bike and making a statistically optimized recommendation
  6. Development of a science based online shoe recommender based on individual body proportions obtained from the 3D avatar and a questionnaire asking for the runner’s habits, training status, etc
  7. Extension of mattress recommendations to box spring beds and toppers
  8. Development of an online apparel size recommender using a combination of the 3D avatar and customer feedback
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