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tgndata is a leading price optimization provider that helps retailers & brands increase profits and boost sales. Over the years, the company has worked with some of the biggest names in the retail industry, including three leading retailers who trusted tgndata to optimize their pricing.

One of them is MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, a German holding company and the leading consumer electronics retailer in Europe. The Group operates more than 1,000 stores and offers online shopping in 13 countries in Europe. MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group was struggling to keep up with the competition in an increasingly crowded and competitive market. By partnering with tgndata, the retailer was able to stay competitive and optimize their Product Mix by adapting their prices in real-time. Additionally, they have a Detailed View of the Market thanks to our Cloud Analytics Platform and are able to act more quickly on their competition promotions.

Another retailer that partner with tgndata is Douglas, the leading premium beauty platform in Europe with more than 160,000 beauty and lifestyle products. Douglas was looking for ways to monitor direct their Competitors in order to create targeted pricing strategies that would drive more sales. tgndata was able to provide the company with advanced analytics and insights that helped them better understand its competition. As a result, Douglas increased its profits and boosted sales through targeted pricing.

Finally, Fielmann Group, one of the largest eye-wear companies in Europe with 27M active customers served through an omnichannel platform as well as more than 900 retail stores across Europe, also partnered with tgndata to optimize its pricing strategies. They were looking to expand their business and needed a way to stand out in a crowded market. tgndata helped the company create a pricing strategy based on pricing data to differentiate itself from the competition. As a result, Fielmann Group was able to increase profits and sales.

Distinction from the competition

• Effortless Service We deal with servers, crawlers, and all technical things. You just use the data and optimize your prices.

• Unrivaled Data We brag about our best-in-market competitor data in coverage, matching & update speeds of data.

• Adaptive Technology Our data mining technology self-adapts to website changes to deliver consistent data 24/7.

• Personalized dashboards Users create their own unique dashboards & reports while collaborating remotely on the same pricing data viewed in different time zone, languages, and currencies.

• Customer Success tgndata® is more than a tool, it’s a full-time pricing partner, a team of experts to help you get results.

• Enterprise grade We daily fuel data to over 200 world’s leading retailers, brands & Fortune 500 firms.

Product or service innovations

In November 2022 we launched our new platform with many new features. Now our platform gathers all the information that the user can manage from a single point.

It is now possible to find all the information concerning a product, whether it is its prices, availability, average price, lowest price, or highest price, or historical data up to a comparative analysis of its entire assortment in relation to its competitors, using the platform without downloading multiple files that need editing in another program.

The Dynamic Pricing feature is one of the major enhancements to our new Platform. We take into account your acquisition price, the prices in your catalog, the number of existing competitors for each of your products, as well as the availability of stock.

With this information, the price for each of your products is calculated based on the competition and your own pre-established rules. With all this information is that dynamic price optimization is not only possible, but a great way to always have the best prices.

Among the new features of the platform are:

• Price Change Instant & Daily Notifications • Personalized Dashboards • Advanced product management • Insight into Market Activity • Price Index Grid • Excell Reporting • Instant FREE 15day Demo

Customer case study

Monitoring 1 million SKUs across 14 countries in a price-sensitive and competitive sector such as Consumer Electronics can be quite a challenge. This challenge was accepted by tgndata for the leading CE Retailer in Europe MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, which operates more than 1.000 physical stores and is highly omnichannel oriented.

tgndata's experience on the price intelligence needs of enterprise & group level firms worldwide created an international centralized hub, receiving daily over 5 million competitor-led data attributes, carrying 30 million pricing calculations, and consuming 2 TB of data across 40 servers.

Using tgndata’s fast and accurate competition data on prices, promotions, assortment range, and competitive behavior, uploaded to Pricefx Platform through which can recalculate its pricing strategy several times each day, continuously improving and getting more intelligent as the volume of prices that are analyzed and exported over time sums up.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Here are some verified customer reviews:

♦ “Great product, great results, great service, great people! The data-crawling results are reliable and near to perfect, the best I have seen in the market so far.” Ralf H. – Senior Pricing Manager – DOUGLAS

♦ “We appreciate the good data quality as well as the communication. Requests are answered fast and well in respect of the content. In an extensive pre-test, tgndata was the best price-performance bidder.” Georg W. – Head of Pricing & Market Research – MediaMarktSaturn

♦ “A powerful team of experts in this industry you can rely on! You can modify the tool based on your needs. Reliable and it has a ready-to-use solution based on the feedback of many customers that used this tool during the past.” George C. – Regional E-Commerce Digital Marketing Manager – INTERSPORT

♦ “On a single page, the e-business owner or pricing manager gets a quick overview of the monitored market, supported by sophisticated reports in CSV for further investigation of market trends and tips to enhance the profitability of the e-business. Furthermore, the ability to build alerts based on direct competitors’ price changes enables an e-business to remain competitive at all times.” Vasilis P. General Manager – Iteq


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