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7Learnings helps retailers increase profits by 10% with a SaaS predictive pricing solution. Our machine learning technology accurately forecasts demand for different price points, allowing you to optimize pricing based on your own business goals. The 7Learnings predictive pricing software is a fast and easy-to-implement way to help retailers grow their profits and revenues.

With the new 7Learnings Marketing Optimization Feature, eCommerce companies can quickly and easily integrate their pricing and marketing efforts to increase profits. Our latest technology helps retailers cross-optimize discounts, coupons and ad spends in order to maximize their business performance.

Distinction from the competition

7Learnings uses the most advanced machine-learning algorithms to forecast the effects of price changes for our retail clients. Using these forecasts and our client’s business goals, our software optimizes pricing to increase profits and revenues.

While most retailers depend on excel tools or simple, rule-based pricing systems to set their prices, the 7Learnings solution predicts and optimizes prices on a product-level. With the most cutting edge, machine learning-based technology, our clients are able to test their pricing strategy before going live –– helping them tap into the full potential of their data. Users can increase their profits by more than 10% compared to other pricing approaches, all while automating the process in order to save time and resources.

Plus, every customer works with a data scientist to help optimize their retail pricing. With 7Learnings, you don't get a ""black box"" that simply takes data and magically exports prices, you'll receive direct customer service along with the most advanced pricing technology available today.

Product or service innovations

In the past 12 months, 7Learnings has rolled out two exciting new features to help retailers optimize pricing and increase profits and revenues.

Our Marketing Optimization Feature combines marketing and pricing strategic decisions in order to maximize the effect of both. Too often, retailers make marketing and pricing changes in isolation, limiting or even offsetting the effects of each. Our cross-optimization feature is based on our forecasting technology, using cutting-edge machine learning models to predict the impact of different marketing and price steering options.

7Learnings has also expanded its predictive pricing solution for Amazon Sellers and retailers in other online marketplaces. 7Learnings makes it easy for Amazon sellers to manage marketing and pricing strategic options together—without spending time on coding or technical work.

Customer case study

The 7Learnings Predictive Pricing solution helped fashion brand LaShoe increase profits by 10%, revenue by 15% and sales by 15%. Like most fashion industry companies, LaShoe had to deal with increasing supply chain issues and adapt to Covid-19-related shocks in recent years. By working with 7Learnings, LaShoe was able to meet these challenges and implement inventory-based pricing optimizations to achieve their business goals.

Positive feedback & testimonials

7Learnings’ price optimization software increases revenues and profits by up to 10%. Retailers will see tangible benefits in a matter of weeks––not months or years.



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