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European BtoB Marketplace for excess stock and returns. Make your circularity great again !

Product or service description

Stocklear Marketplace is a plug and play solution for retailers and brands for 2nd life merchandise.

Stocklear enables retailers to sell all their liquidation (excess stock, returns, damaged and non functional products) to more than 10 000 professional buyers all over Europe through auctions.

Distinction from the competition

Stocklear only works as a BtoB platform which makes the solution quick, efficient and enable to deal with large stocks.

Stocklear helps retailers to get back the highest cash recovery on their 2nd life stocks combining their circularity objectives and operational efficiency.

Product or service innovations

Major retailers and brands can uses our Stocklear Fulfillment service. Our latest service innovation enables retailers to get rid of their stocks from their warehouse very quickly to concentrate on their core business.

Stocklear manages storage, picking and deliveries to profesional buyers.

Positive feedback & testimonials
  • One major dutch retailer used to destroy all their returns declared as non functional. With Stocklear, this retailer give a 2nd life to these stocks via Stocklear and gets back a net cash recovery around 20% out of the retail market price

  • One major French DIY retailer gets 3 times his cash back by selling via Stocklear and not directly to its discounter no more. In addition, its customer returns stay only 3 days in its warehouse before being delivered to Stocklear's warehouse (fulfillment service)

  • One major Domestic appliances Belgian retailer gets paid within 3 weeks its liquidation againts more than 4 month with his previous partner. In addition, this retailer no longer deals with litigations and customer complaints.


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