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Woola packaging


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Did you know that as much as 200 000 tonnes of wool goes unused in Europe every year? Woola takes this wonderful material that would otherwise get thrown away and turns it into a sustainable alternative to plastic bubble wrap.

Ecommerce companies ship fragile products in Wool Envelopes, Bottle Sleeves or wrap them inside Bubble Wool. These packaging solutions can be reused, repurposed, returned or industrially composted.

Distinction from the competition

Woola packaging stands out for two main reasons. First, there aren't many packaging manufacturers that use waste, something that would otherwise be thrown away, to make their products. Secondly, there are no other protective ecommerce packaging solutions that would be made of wool – so Woola packaging is unique and memorable for the end-customers that receive the packages.

Product or service innovations
  • Expanded commercial activities across Europe, entering Germany ecommerce market among others.
  • Switched from using UK wool to sourcing wool directly from farmers, locally in Estonia and established it's own KYW (Know Your Wool) protocol.
  • Started product development to switch to 100% wool products so the products would be at-home compostable – to be completed by Q2 2023 (currently, Woola packaging uses PLA, a bio-based binder that's degradable but not at-home compostable).
Customer case study

Most of Woola's customers are retailers that sell small fragile products via their ecommerce stores: jewellery, cosmetics, skincare products, small electronics etc. Such companies use Wool Envelopes to ship products to their customers.

Positive feedback & testimonials

“Here at iDeal Group, we have completely replaced plastic bubble mailers with Wool Envelopes and they have been received very well by our customers.” – Marilin Ilp, iDeal Group COO

“Wool Envelopes show our customers that we have a love for nature and design. ” – Tanel Veenre, founding artist of Tanel Veenre Jewellery

“Woola’s packaging has been very well received by our customers. We’re happy to see that the packaging itself can surprise customers and bring a smile to their face. ” – Enel Kolk, Marketing Director of Kaubamaja



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