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A complete SaaS platform for EU VAT tax compliance that serves global eCommerce businesses.
We provide online sellers with everything they need to remain compliant.

Product or service description

empact offers an instant SaaS technology platform as a one-stop shop for all VAT compliance shops in 27 EU member states and the UK market through a real-time transparent tool that combines technology with an out-of-the-box approach. empact offers the ability to automate the entire reporting and filing process, helping sellers remain compliant while reducing the human resources required to do so.

empact is the only platform that removes the entire VAT compliance responsibility and burden from sellers and opens up for them the ability to sell in 28 countries as locals in just one click and provides its users with their own VAT number.

Whether you are a SaaS company, Tax Advisor, Payment provider, Accounting firm, eCommerce platform, or logistics & supply chain, empact can complement your business and customers perfectly!

With empact you help your customers to build their business and remove the hassle from you to focus on your expertise!

Distinction from the competition

Thanks to empact's one-stop-shop solution, we allow sellers, merchants, logistics, and supply chain service providers to easily access a wider range of services and benefits that were previously unavailable to them without other platforms, making VAT compliance more efficient and convenient.

  • Immediately received a VAT Number
  • Instantly import and sell in 27 EU states and the UK market
  • Manage local stock in Europe and reduce shipping costs
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Increases regional footprint in the EU and UK markets.
  • Increases Positive Cashflow
  • Increase net profit by more than 20%
Product or service innovations

VAT Reporting Tool:

The perfect tool for auto reporting generation for eCommerce sellers who are acting with their own VAT numbers to reduce time &money resources as well as penalties for inaccurate/late reporting.

Console Service:

Console service shipment provides the ultimate solution for cross-border sales to increase your conversion rate for direct sale rover with a value higher than 150 EUR per order.

These days, there are 2 ways for the seller to ship orders- DDP terms which reduce their profits, or DDU terms which significantly reduce the conversion rate.
With empact’s console solution, the seller can create a console shipment of several orders that will be cleared as 1 shipment containing all your orders on behalf of empact with 0% VAT regardless the value, and, upon clearance in Europe, each order will be domestically shipped to its destination. The outcome is:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Reduce your shipping costs
  • Improved shipping time

B2B Offline:

The perfect solution for traditional cross-border trade into Europe to enable B2B sales in door-to-door terms, eliminating the necessity to establish a local EU entity and having the benefit to sell as a local EU business with 0% VAT on importation.

Customer case study

A huge retailer who spends yearly over $30,000 for VAT compliance plus having VAT expert in a full-time job on his payroll, signed to empact's platform and closed all of his other VAT registrations, as a result, he reduced his costs by more than $50,000 a year and now he can hire other positions that are more essential to his core business while his net profit only grows.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Perfumes retailer in the US with a monthly turnover of $50,000. When the EU VAT regulation came into force he didn't register for VAT due to the complex process and costs. In an absence of VAT compliance setup, he had to face with low conversion rate and reduces sales by 50% since his clients refused to pay an additional VAT charge which wasn't billed during the checkout and had to be invoiced in the custom clearance process. When their order arrived to the EU destination customs. When he heard about empact platform which provides him full coverage at min costs, he immediately signed and as a result, he got the VAT numbers from empact, his clients were no longer bothered with unexpected fees and as a result, he doubled his sales by 100%.



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