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Waaila is ultimate app for automated audit of web analytics tools like Google Analytics and AT internet. It helps every digital marketer to have valid data (data quality) from web analytics for business decisions and right allocation of PPC ads spending.

Distinction from the competition

Manual checking is removed. When there is problem, user gets an email alert. Ready with 100+ tests including suggestions how to fix.

Product or service innovations

AI trained anomaly detection engine of timeseries anomaly. NEW test set portfolio for Google Analytics 4. AI trained personal information passed to the web analytics engines. AI trained module for detection of web analytics data poisoning.

Customer case study

Waaila was a winner of Microsoft Awards 2021. A case study is readable from this page

Marketing platforms are dependent on the data that is used to drive advertising. In the event of a data collection failure, or even in the event of a targeted attack and data manipulation, erroneous decisions that have a financial impact are made. That's why we created the Waaila app to automatically monitor data quality and to protect marketing systems from such incidents. After a quick configuration Waaila will ensure that errors and contaminated data will not go unnoticed. With the ability to quickly identify data problems, Waaila saves human and financial resources.

SAZKA a.s. has been in the gaming and betting market for decades and is aware that customer experience correlates strongly with the quality of customer data. Machine learning models rapidly deteriorate when feed with poor quality data. It is no manually feasible to verify thousands of different dimensions and their combinations manually. Prior to the implementation of Waaila, the detection of measurement errors was reactive rather than predictive.

The implementation of Waaila made it possible to detect problems systematically and before they materialize into bigger issues. SAZKA a.s. was set up with a tailored set of tests to meet their requirements and to cover large variety of areas of measurement that caused problems in the past or was crucial to be correct. With more sophisticated test setup options, this not only reduced the time to detect an incident, but prevented many to happen.

Waaila with Azure Cognitive Services can detect anomalies that show many non standard patterns and are not possible to detect with rule based approach.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Waaila is used by companies like BNP Paribas, Vienna Insurance Group, Avast, Raiffeisen Bank see user feedback at


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