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We at SCHEMA M have the honor to support brands like Zahnheld, Rosental Organics, waterdrop, yfood, About You & Every and some more with their Paid Social Ads with our team of 45 smart minds and make them really successful especially on Instagram and TikTok.

January 2021, there were still three of us. Now we are allowed to accompany the most exciting DTC cases in the German-speaking region. Scaling brands from 7-figure to 8-figure or even 9-figure sales. Create brands, develop markets and create jobs!

Distinction from the competition

We create over 1800 creatives every month. More than any other agency in the DACH region. With this creative machinery and our innovative creative testing framework, we generate quicker learnings that we can implement directly for our clients and their success. Especially in the area of UGC, SCHEMA M is a pioneer and was the first performance marketing agency in Germany to professionalize this content form, thus leaving a lasting mark on the paid social marketing world.

Product or service innovations

In 2022, we recorded the first successful TikTok cases and developed an innovative testing framework, as we did for Meta Ads.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Rosental: "For the first time, we actually had ads that we could scale over several months."

Snocks: "It was a gamechanger, especially in the video ad area, and in addition you helped build up our creation process. We had to turn down some of the ads because otherwise we would have gone out of stock, so it was really good."

The Female Company: "You guys have very blatantly proven that you can get to those KPI's that you promised. I'm still impressed."

Sushi: "The all-round package with this performance focus and technical orientation, convinced me to come to SCHEMA M."

WLDOHO: "How would I describe working with you? Dynamic, stimulating, uncomplicated, carefree. You are one of the main drivers that we have grown 600-700%."


Winners of E-commerce Germany Awards 2022

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