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Vime is an online video tool for improving conversion in e-commerce with AI generated videos. Our videos are generated by AI and require no equipment, editing or prior experience. Synthetic media is the future. In five years, 90% of all online video content will be created by AI.

Our video software solution creates AI generated product videos from text e.g. based on a product-URL which is used to extract the most relevant information for generating the video. Completely automated and scalable.

The videos contain an actor, visual assets, voice-over and music. Our AI actors speak 80 languages in 300 voices and say whatever text or script is used. The script for the text is composed by our AI to describe the product in the best possible way, taking into consideration all information available in the listing. The images for our videos are provided by the product listing.

Distinction from the competition

Vime videos save our customers time and money, while increasing profit margins by adding native videos to their product pages - without the need of professional video production skills.

We are specialized in creating e-commerce videos that maximize the return on investment by increasing conversion rate through clear video layouts and engaging copywriting content.

Our AI online video tool creates videos with minimal effort using only a URL. Clients are able to modify their videos individually in our studio to their liking. We give our clients the ability and flexibility to create their desired e-commerce videos.

Product or service innovations

The biggest innovation for the eCommerce industry in Germany is the simple generation of conversion increasing video content. With just a URL from a product page it is now possible to generate a video that highlights the product and describes the benefits of it.

Instead of having to spend expensive resources on the creation of video content, all it takes now is a URL and the costs of video creation decrease dramatically.

Video content is a conversion increasing tool that should be incorporated into every eCommerce business as it can increase conversions as much as 80% and sometimes even more.

Customer case study

Factory Direct Craft uses vime.ai for conversion increasing purposes. Using the videos that are generated through vime.ai, they now rank higher in the search results on their primary point of sale, Amazon.

As Amazon rewards product listings that includes videos with a higher ranking and even higher videos with a person included, Factory Direct Craft uses the AI actors provided by vime.ai to achieve that effect.

The engine of Amazon cannot distinguish between an actual person or the AI actors provided by vime.ai , which helps Factory Direct Craft to benefit from this at a low price point.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Factory Direct Craft is a US-based company specialising in lifelike artificial florals, wooden cutout shapes, paper figures, and other unique home decor items. Their primary point of sale is Amazon, which they use to offer their products to their customers.

Thanks to vime.ai, it is now possible to create product videos of all available products, which wasn't possible before due to the high cost of video production and the time it would have taken for Factory Direct Craft to produce the videos.

The reason for adding videos to their products is quite straightforward, they see an increase in conversions and interaction with the product pages on Amazon. ‘This increase in conversion rate would not have been possible without the simple video creation with vime.ai’, Shari Doggett states, ‘it took our business on Amazon to a new level, products with product videos rank so much higher in the search results and we benefit straight away from it.’



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