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MAZAKA Headless Commerce offers omni-channel web and mobile solutions for small, medium and large businesses with the sale of products or services at the end.

Our solutions interested with E-commerce, E-collection, b2b, b2c, Mobile Apps. Our commerce platform include promoter, retail stores, external sales personnel, and offline, online potantial customer targeting on the product catalogs platforms.

Distinction from the competition

Our product manage the customers and the customers not require any ecommerce key points, measure data and details. We present an headless commerce infrastructure.

The customizations is avaliable to easyle implement by our support teams or customers can be do it.

We present more than 1000 features marketing, integrations, performans features, and best page speed values.

Product or service innovations

It automatically decides which product will appear in any display area for customers. It generates more sales and conversions. It generates more sales and conversions.

Customer case study

We have 2 different approaches according to the processes of our customers. One of them is small and medium-sized customers. These customers can set up their e-commerce platforms directly from our website, it does not require any technical support.

We provide direct service in Europe and Turkey for our customers who need Omni-channel experience, have various customer segmentations, operate order management processes, design customer loyalty programs, offer location-specific services and need thousands of customizations.

Positive feedback & testimonials

PCI/DSS, Speed Lab Test and conversiaton test is already done. we have been many years on the usability so we have ui, ux cases and reports from formal UX agencies test process.


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