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theMarketer is an email and loyalty marketing platform enabling businesses to streamline their marketing processes, optimize their resources, and boost customer lifetime value using a suite of powerful features:

  • 100% Personalized Newsletters - Delivering the most relevant content to each customer at the right time

    • +700 Pre-built templates matching various industries & events
    • Laser-focused segmentation based on users’ actions and shopping history, as well as tags and custom filters for endless segmentation possibilities
    • No-code intuitive drag-and-drop editor
    • Automated omnichannel flows, for seamless customer journeys with the help of email, SMS, and Push Notifications
    • Dynamic content blocks designed for e-commerce and pre-populated with the store’s own products
    • A/B testing, data-backed subject line suggestions, automated resending of unopened emails, automated optimal sending times & more
  • Loyalty Program - Keeping customers engaged with exciting benefits, and rewarding them for purchases, referrals, and more. Online shops can create loyalty programs with multiple tiers and progressive perks and discounts to encourage customers to reach a higher level and spend more.

  • RFM Analysis - Targeting specific clusters of customers with communications that are more relevant for their particular behavior, thus boosting AOV, loyalty, and customer lifetime value.

  • Feedback & Reviews - Listening to customers’ opinions to gather actionable feedback and improve brand image. Product Reviews and User Generated Content can be used to enhance credibility and boost conversions in the long run.

  • Referral Program - Turning clients into genuine brand advocates with an engaging referral program that is at the same time the most cost-efficient revenue driver.

  • On-site Launcher Widget - Engaging customers while browsing and updating them about rewards, loyalty points, referrals & more.

Distinction from the competition
  • The Loyalty Program is integrated with the newsletters and communications can be automated;
  • The Newsletters with personalized content have a CTR 3 times higher than those with manually added products;
  • Newsletters can feature product bundles;
  • There are +700 email templates available, as well as ready-made banners for Push Notifications;
  • Newsletter Subject Lines come with predefined suggestions accompanied by popularity and average open rate statistics;
  • The automation editor is as complex as it is easy-to-use;
  • The platform is 30-50% below the average market price.
Product or service innovations

Integrating an email marketing platform with a fully customizable loyalty program and leveraging referral marketing, AI-based personalized recommendations, as well as review management to boost long-term sales.


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