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SyncSpider - the eCommerce Integration Engine for Professionals

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eCommerce Automation - The integration Engine for professionals Connect all your eCommerce tools, automate multi-channel sales, and keep your inventory in sync.

SyncSpider is an iPaaS solution with a strong focus on eCommerce integrations. It offers highly customizable automation and out-of-the-box workflows.

SyncSpider gives growing eCommerce stores their time back:

  • Simplify multichannel sales Connect all your eCommerce platforms together. Sell on multiple channels at once, without having to manually upload products to all marketplaces.

  • Save time automating small stuff Handling minor tasks every day kills productivity. SyncSpider automates data entry and repetitive processes so you can focus on growth.

  • Delight customers everywhere, every time Smooth out your order, fulfillment, and shipping flow, no matter where sales are coming from. Deliver a great buying experience for your customers.

  • Connect your tech together Get critical apps and tools talking to each other. No need to rely on native integrations, maintaining APIs, and managing different plugins.

  • Local windows connector available Most businesses still use local windows ERP software. With SyncSpider you can also get those tools connected easily using our ODBC database connector from local windows machines.

450+ integrations help you to get your eCommerce tools connected and automated

Distinction from the competition

We do not just work on event triggers, SyncSpider can handle complete bulk loads/changes. We connect in the cloud but also support native Windows Software products that can be connected to any other eCommerce Solution.

Using our individual integration engine you can connect to any app that we do not yet have one file using file-based (CSV, TXT, XML) or rest API-based integrations from right within our user interface.

SyncSpider is your one-stop shop integration and migration engine. As a powerful addon, we also offer a central data warehouse for any of your items where you can combine, cache, backup, and aggregate your data (like products, orders, or customers).

Different modifiers and custom fields allow you to manipulate data on the fly and make them fit to the software you use.

Product or service innovations
  • 3rd rank at the GetApps Category Leaders in "Integration":

  • 3d rank in the SoftwareAdvice Front Runners 2022 for "Data Integration Tools":

  • We built a central datawarehouse called Datahub that allows you to import, export, manipulate and combine data from one central dashboard

  • If you are a marketplace provider using DOKAN, WC Lovers or CS-Multivendor marketplace as a software product you can insist on SyncSpider as we fully support even vendor-level integrations.

  • Using the SyncSpider API you can embed SyncSpider to any software as a tool provider, agency or ERP software provider (even on Windows Software)

Customer case study

How SyncSpider helps a growing car dealership expand offline sales to the online world Customer: Sonnleitner GmbH

Customer opinion, Georg Horninger (Head of IT): "People who come to your showroom go online and check everything. As long as you can deliver the car that they want in the color and with the engine the customer wants, it's an easy sale."

Sonnleitner is a growing car dealership based in Austria. With 13 showrooms in Austria and 3 more in Germany, Sonnleitner's focus in recent years has been increasing revenue from online sales.

As with many other industries, the internet drastically changed the way people buy cars. The auto industry is changing at a rapid pace to adapt to new trends. And one of the biggest challenges for auto dealers is that people don’t want to go to dealerships anymore. Customers want to do their research online, pick their favorite models online, see pictures of cars online, and only go to the dealership when it’s time to make a purchase.

Syncing products from their local database to their online store Sonnleitner uses a proprietary CMS called Dealer Management System (DMS). They’ve built DMS to handle their business’ backend. This is where all the information they have about products and customers’ lives, but it’s not a system built for online sales. They use WooCommerce to run their online store.

SyncSpider sources product information from Sonnleitner’s DMS and uploads it to their WooCommerce store. The tool automatically matches all data points to show every detail Sonnleitner wants to showcase about their cars, on their website.

The data mapping is built once. Then, SyncSpider takes care of keeping both platforms — DMS and WooCommerce — in sync.

Read the full case study here:

Positive feedback & testimonials

Roxana M. Give SyncSpider a try, you won't regret it! I love that I am able to connect multiple databases from a single account, without having to worry about things not being synced for us. This has been a game-changer when it comes to connecting apps together.

David L. I like that it can connect to many apps which I am already using - even some . The support is prompt to help if you hit any road bumps although they already have rich documentation. The speed of adding new apps to the platform is also amazing. Overall, I love the customer-centric approach from the team behind this software.

Hose mit Herz Great app, easy to use and a really helpful, attentive support team - they reply quickly, with detailed responses that guide you through your queries! Really recommend this app.

Marcel R. Without a doubt, SyncSpider is one of those tools that you need to have in your toolbox, especially if you are into e-commerce, where automation is a key factor.

I had been looking at Zapier and Integromat alternatives for a while now, but no matter how much I have tested, none of them convinced me, until SyncSpider appeared.

In Conclusion: If automations is something you need and you don't have another tool in the bag already, that does the same thing, then it's worth getting it for this competetive pricing and their service is also located in Austria/EU! That's just awesome for all automating-jobs that have to be done in european countries!

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