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eCommerce Site Search


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Doofinder is the advanced Site Search for eCommerce that helps increase conversion by up to 20%

With more than 10.000 worldwide customers today, it helps online stores improve the user experience, shorten the checkout process and increase online sales.

Autocomplete, spelling error correction, visual and voice search or real-time statistics to understand customer search behavior and deliver personalized results and recommendations, are some of the most outstanding features. The eCommerce Site Search that understands and serves your customers, integrates seamlessly with all eCommerce platforms, no programming required.

Distinction from the competition

Doofinder is the eCommerce Site Search that really works.

Its technology optimizes the user experience and helps to discover products in the fastest and most agile way, shortening the search process and increasing online sales.

It integrates into the design of any Bigcommerce shop, adapts to the mobile format, learns from customer behaviour, provides information on search trends and suggests items that could be interesting to incorporate into the stock.

Doesn't matter if they make spelling mistakes in their search. They don't need to type the complete and exact word. They do not need to know the name of the product they are looking for.

More than 10,000 worldwide online shops of all sizes already improve their conversion with the help of Doofinder.

Product or service innovations
  1. Product Recommendations - Take your customers to find the products they need thanks to personalized recommendations
  2. Live-Layer - Improve your eCommerce with “popular searches” and “recommended products”.
  3. New control panel
  4. Filters - Enable your customers to refine their product searches with filters such as price, color, size, brand...
Customer case study

From the first session in Erkmann store the Site Search learns from individual behavior and preferences in real time, adapting to them, offering personalized search without the need to collect historical data, to achieve a more personal treatment and increasing the conversion rate to 18%. An improved and unique customer journey for each customer. Several criteria are analyzed to show potentially more interesting results to each buyer.

Positive feedback & testimonials

“The AI continually optimizes the search, helping customers when it comes to searching for specific products. The clean and tidy design puts the icing on the cake” - Tina Keßler, Erkmann


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