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True Insights is an AI-powered Product Page Quality analyzer for eCommerce brands.

True Insights helps brands optimise & beautify their eCommerce product content. Based on real consumer behaviour research, we provide a single-click solution to understand what needs to be improved on any eCommerce product page. By using True Insights, brands can create images that grab the customer's attention and get them thinking about buying the product even before they read the title.

The Problem: Poor eCommerce product pages lead to lost revenue because they fail to adequately describe the product to the customer.

The Solution: Using True Insights, brands can analyse and improve their product areas. The platform variety of the test is divided into three main categories:

  1. Visibility
  • Analysis of the product content
  • Image readability (visual clarity) for mobile & desktop devices
  • Content variety audit suggesting missing visualization types
  • Image, Text, Ratings, & Reviews Improvement Advice Based on the Best eCommerce Practices
  1. Content benchmarking and competition tracking
  • Comparing eCommerce Content between Brands
  • Automatic tracking of competition content changes
  1. Consumer attention prediction across brands
  • Comparing brand attractiveness on the digital shelf
Distinction from the competition

Our main advantage is that we go deeper into the actual content quality based on cutting-edge data from the industry, machine learning, and proprietary knowledge we gathered as a corporate eCommerce agency in the last 6 years. We go beyond the usual quantitative analysis and dive deep into the quality of the actual images and text. Our tailored recommendations are what make us truly special for our customers.

Product or service innovations
  1. The first in-industry mobile optimization analysis for eCommerce images
  2. AI-based Consumer Attention Prediction across brands on the digital shelf
  3. AI-based Lifestyle image generation for eCommerce products
  4. The first in-industry high-volume Keywords extraction tool for any marketplace or retailer
Customer case study

Part of our stellar clients which are making the eCommerce industry more beautiful and understandable:

Libresse is a global brand, specializing in products for period and daily intimate care. The brand often uses creativity to subvert shame and break down stigma, in line with their purpose. The business operations are based on a sustainable business model with a focus on value creation for people and nature.

Trusted by millions, TENA helps people stay secure, dry and odour free. For over 60 years they’ve been creating discreet feminine pads, underwear and pants, masculine shields and other effective solutions for this surprisingly common problem. By doing so, people of all ages the world over, can continue to enjoy the active, fulfilling life they deserve.

As the first German brand of paper handkerchiefs, Tempo is an industry pioneer. Over time, the brand name in Germany gained independence as a generic word, and other kinds of paper handkerchiefs were sometimes referred to in informal speech as "Tempo" for short.

Unfortunately, all sales data is strictly confidential. However, we can calculate an average 15% add-to-cart conversion increase across all of our clients.

Positive feedback & testimonials

Unfortunately, all sales data is strictly confidential. Shared as non-public additional information in the next section.


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