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Global SEO, Linkbuilding, SEA and Dig. PR services


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Seeders is the world's leading international link building agency & provider of authority marketing services. With our international team with more than 100 specialists, we serve numerous clients in SEO, SEA and Digital PR. Well-known names we work for are ABN Amro, Beate Uhse, DeBijenkorf, Easytoys, Hubspot and Quick Step. With our global network of digital specialists, we’re able to provide local knowledge in more than 50 international markets. Currently we have departments in 11 European countries, with departments in the GER, NL, BE, FR, ESP, UK and more. In 2023 we are planning to build departments in the USA and Asia. Because of this, our team has the local knowledge needed to get your company off to a flying start in a new market.

Distinction from the competition

With our authority marketing services, we ensure that our clients websites get to the top of the search results, skyrocketing their online revenue, leads, and overall website traffic. At Seeders, we not only work directly with clients, but also work with agencies, providing white-label authority marketing services. What sets us apart from the competition is three-fold:

  1. Network: There is our extensive network of 60.000+ domains & publishers, as well as our huge list of distribution channels provided by our digital PR department.
  2. Internationality: With locals in nearly every big international market, we're able to provide visibility in even the most difficult of markets.
  3. Transparence: We operate completely above-board, with a focus on transparency, opposed to most of our competitors, that operate mainly in the shadows.
Product or service innovations

CRM and processing tool for our client's projects: Our platform operates based on transparency. This is extremely disruptive within our market segment. As most companies providing these products purposely operate without giving their end-client any idea of what is happening backstage. We've grown an extensive linking and publisher network within our tool, which has grown to be the biggest one in the world. In addition to this, we grant our clients freedom, with tools like domain selection, feedback opportunities per domain, and real-time analytics and reports. Our distinctive way of high-quality, above-board linking and publishing, is one of the first of its kind. With our global network and offices throughout the world, we are a one-stop-shop for companies that want to scale their business internationally, as well as local players.

Customer case study

+50 % traffic growth for Sealsupply in the Dutch and German market.

In June of 2018, online wholesaler Sealsupply entered into a partnership with Seeders. Sealsupply is a supplier of all types of technical seals for customers in the industry and technical trade. Their goal? Drastically increase their online traffic for the Dutch and the German market.

Based on the performed SEO analysis, priority was given to the following activities:

  1. Optimizing meta descriptions
  2. Performing an SEO scan
  3. Starting a link-building campaign

We have chosen a combined strategy, in which we have generated qualitative links on industry-related media platforms. On the other hand, we have focused on a quantitative undercurrent of backlinks, in order to achieve rapid growth in referring domains. This has increased the online visibility of Sealsupply on the chosen keywords. Due to the increase in traffic, two more campaigns were subsequently created. One specifically aimed at suppliers, and the other aimed at search traffic Europe-wide (in English). A lot of data has been collected from these campaigns, using measurements and analyses, which are making adjustments easier.


  • In total, the traffic on the Dutch and German websites has increased by no less than 56% in one year.
  • In the Netherlands, the total traffic has increased by 153% in 24 months. This compares the first half of the year with the first half of two years previous. Of course, part of this comes from Google Ads. Organic traffic has increased by 71%.
  • For Germany, the data from the months July through October, as compared with the same data from the previous year. The total traffic has increased by 50% in one year.
  • Organic traffic is up 56%.
  • The number of contact requests has increased by 48% in total.
  • Requests from organic traffic have increased by 32%.

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