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Styla’s mission is to “democratize headless” i.e. to get the enterprise-level headless approach and its benefits to every ecommerce merchant in the world. This is done by removing the fuss and hassle of the headless technology principle and making it dramatically easier to set up, maintain and expand.

Styla Frontend provides our customers with a blazing-fast, conversion-optimized storefront, with a truly mobile experience. We recognize that business owners are already juggling multiple aspects of their business by themselves, that’s why we want to make their work easier by taking a huge weight off their shoulders: the construction of a cutting-edge, user-friendly, and stylish website.

There is no need for developers, technical expertise, or pay for hosting to make this happen, beating all decoupled storefront alternatives on the total cost of ownership. Not only that, but with Styla, our customers experience improved metrics on all areas of their ecommerce value chain: e.g. more organic traffic, higher conversion rates, bigger baskets, longer dwell time.

Distinction from the competition

Benefit 1: Headless commerce for SMB Styla Frontend is the first headless storefront technology for small and midsize businesses. With Styla Frontend, we provide a modular approach of composable commerce to offer our customers the agility they need to deliver innovative experiences at speed, scale and differentiation. This yields several unprecedented benefits to a previously underserved market:

Benefit 2: Incredible Speed Styla hosts the entire storefront and puts it on a cutting-edge Jamstack prerender architecture, yielding subsecond load time. This fastest possible setup of a store leads to drastic conversion improvements. Our customer will benefit from:

  • lower bounce rates,
  • higher purchase rates, and
  • better reviews.

Benefit 3: PWA With PWA our customers' stores embrace the cutting edge in mobile display technology. The mobile experience is fast, smooth and even accessible when users are offline. Also, search engines really love it and rank them higher! The cutting edge standard for mobile presentations will give our customers:

  • a boost in SEO and usability,
  • an eshop that feels like a native app,
  • more traffic via SEO and organic, and
  • offline browsing.

Benefit 4: No-Code Editing Styla’s visual editor enables our customers to build stunning and content-rich experiences at ease. Editing an online shop has never been easier! Our customers benefit from:

  • simple editing with drag & drop,
  • independence from IT and developers, no technical expertise required, and
  • manage all content & publishing cycles.

Benefit 5: Our customers’ success comes first Styla Frontend is a freemium app so that our customers can test the app at no costs and no commitment. We also provide a free assisted onboarding to get the most out of the app and support our customers with our experience and expertise.

Product or service innovations

We recently released our new editor. With WYSIWYG and live preview functionality the new editor provides an intuitive and user-friendly visual editing experience that enables merchants to create stunning visual experiences for their shoppers. In addition, the campaign functionality allows a cross-store management of campaigns, facilitating a fast and consistent content customization. By this, merchants avoid mistakes in content customization and they save time and money. The direct product linkage also enables landing pages to be created quickly and easily. For styling, no developer knowledge is required. Users can release their full creativity drag & drop editing.

Customer case study

Watch our video and explore how Denzel Thys from Thys Wood Design explains his upgrade to Styla Frontend. The results speak for themselves: pagespeed shot up to 97/100, a PWA was installed and he managed to give the site a much cleaner look. Best of all, Denzel is in the free tier and doesn't pay a penny for his new PWA storefront!

Positive feedback & testimonials

Brandon Pittman (CEO Pittmantraffic): “On our old site, we used to try to increase page speed with complicated and costly techniques for marginal gains in the 10/100 range. We don’t have to do that at all anymore, and now our pages usually score in the 90/100 range in the page speed score and web vitals all pass the test.”

Stephan Ruhle (CEO Adventure Gear): “After installing BigCommerce I had a website loading time of 4.8 seconds on mobile. But then I installed Styla Frontend and my performance went through the roof. My website now scores 85 and it takes only 2.8 seconds to load. ”

Denzel Thys (CEO Thys Wood Design): “I went live in two weeks and the new performance blew my mind. Also, my site looks great, is easier to maintain and features a PWA. I am so happy with Styla, it is great to work with and a game-changer for my business.”


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