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Vviinn Visual Relevance Machine

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Overcome the limitations of text-based product data. Vviinn transforms product images into automated streams of data, providing more inspiration, improved navigation and increased personalization to your shop visitors.

Distinction from the competition

Especially when products cannot be clearly named or filtered according to hard criteria, AI-supported image recognition has a clear advantage. Quickly and efficiently, Vvinn's Visual Relevance Machine seamlessly guides users to products they find visually appealing.

Product or service innovations

Vviinn`s Visual Relevance Machine understands the content of product images. We added Visual Product Datacenter that helps you to automate, refine and structure your product information.

Positive feedback & testimonials

"We switched to visual product recommendations from Vviinn and are positively surprised by the leap in quality and the ease of integration."

Oliver Hohmeier Multi-Channel / E-Commerce Manager, Einrichtungshaus Ostermann GmbH & Co.KG



Winners of E-commerce Germany Awards 2023

E-commerce Germany Awards 2024

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  • 21st February 2024

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