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T4 - AI services to expand on new markets

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We use AI to make e-com managers superheroes. All of the sell channels have their own requirements of listing products and it’s a super tricky job to fit them all. It takes a lot of effort. Like A LOT. We solve two problems:

-> Delivering products to multiply sale channels fast and accurate. Prediction of category and pre-filling product cards for target sale channel using AI services.

-> Boosting sales. It's never enough just to list your products on marketplace. Our AI assistant can give insights on how to use key words in product content to make it easier to find your product. This assistant also can help you to understand how to make your product card better so customers'll want to buy it.

Let's leave the boring product preparing stuff to machine. Now you finally have time to sell.

Distinction from the competition

If you google “feed management system” you can find a lot of them. We all solve the same problem - how to deliver products from point A (such as product data management system) to points B, C, D, etc (such as sale channels).

What T4 offers is a cutting edge technology that can do it enormously faster with same accuracy. We not only help to list products on marketplaces but also make product card to look and perform better.

Product or service innovations

-> Product categorization. All marketplaces have their own category tree so it's tricky to understand which one is the right for your products. AI uses images and description of your products to understand what it is. After that T4 can tell you which target category you need to choose. -> Pre-filling product cards. Not only categories that are different from on marketplace to another. If you want to go to 4 marketplaces you need to fill 4 different product cards for each product. T4 uses data about your products (in whatever format you have it) and our database of products that is similar to yours to pre-fill your product card for target sale channels. -> Image ranging. When you have a bulk of products it's hard to pay attention to every product card. Our image ranging service can help you with defining which image has to be the first one. Customers live with eyes. -> Machine translation. We have it included in our product preparation pipeline to help our customers to go worldwide. Don't think about going global just do it.

Customer case study

For example you have your 1000 products listed on marketplace A. Sells go well so you’ve decided to go to the neighbouring market. They have 3 most popular marketplaces B,C,D and speak another language.

What do you need to do? First, there is a lot of translation work. Second, you need to list all of your products on new marketplaces. For the first time you’d done it manually with a sale department and it took 1 month. Now you should multiply it by 3, because you have 3 marketplaces and they have different requirements. It’s either gonna take 3 months or you need to hire more people in your sale team. Or you can use T4. With our ML services you can do same work in 1 week instead of 3 month:

-> Import your products data from marketplace A

-> Translate it from your language to another

-> Categorize your products for all of the target marketplaces

-> Pre-fill your product cards for all of the target marketplaces - so you need just to check a couple of them to be sure everything is ok

-> Manage price and stocks for target marketplaces

-> Export ready products to target marketplaces

Positive feedback & testimonials

Now T4 manages over 2mil product skus daily. Our customers are both marketplace agencies and marketplaces who need a simple onboarding process for the new sellers.


10000 products for 3 marketplaces in 3 days (Morkniga)

38000 products foe 1 marketplace (Re Parts)



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