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TARQAN - Fulfillment Robotics for E-commerce

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In today's paced growing e-Commerce environment, many companies and fulfillment operations face the challenge of meeting the demands of final consumers' expectations. Consumers want convenience and immediacy when ordering online. We know that meeting the modern fulfillment demands is only possible with innovation at the foundational level - at the warehouses.

The increasing number of consumers expect 'fast and accurate' shipping while shopping online. TARQAN is the goods-to-person robotic solution that answers the expectations of the market with accelerated fulfillment times.

Warehouses and operations are the areas where the human factor is the most intense; a single human error in the warehouse could create tremendous inevitable costs for companies. We know that eliminating the possible human errors and improving the operation cannot be possible with only software or hiring so that we developed TARQAN.

TARQAN could increase the capacity and the efficacy of the fulfillment operations; and become the primary source of the customer satisfaction. While an operator collects 120-150 products per hour, TARQAN increases the capacity by 300% with 400-500 products per hour. So more goods collected, more orders fulfilled.

TARQAN could empower the businesses in Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Packaged Goods, Food and Beverage, and Automotive, and more by creating more resilient and flexible supply chains.

Distinction from the competition

We believe that efficiency in fulfillment operations is only possible with innovation at the foundational level - in warehouses. We’re running fulfillment operations for e-commerce companies of many sizes. Thanks to our expertise in the fulfillment industry for many years, our internal robotic teams has developed TARQAN with the insights and experiences that we collect from the field. We know the pain points, demands, and requirements that cannot be covered by human-centric solutions.

TARQAN makes the fulfillment process in ecommerce more efficient because:

Lowers Labor Cost and Intensity: By Goods-to-person solution, warehouse operators don’t have to walk the warehouse floor to acquire products for orders. While a person collects 120-150 products per hour, TARQAN increases the capacity by 300% with 400-500 products per hour.

Increases Picking Accuracy: Picking errors could decrease customer satisfaction and, ultimately, revenues. We know that reducing the impact of human error is possible with robots. The illumination system allows us to see only the required addresses and relevant shelves in the warehouses, minimizing the error and dramatically increasing the picking accuracy.

Increases Storage Capacity: TARQAN could move in any area with 1 cm space on both sides, which is narrower than required by humans to enter. The result is less congestion in aisles in the warehouse and more storage capacity.

Product or service innovations

Robotic solutions emerge as the biggest innovation in the world of e-commerce, where the requirements are changing rapidly, and transition to automatization and robotics are the only ways to succeed. TARQAN, as a fulfillment robotic solution setting the rules of the game, makes the businesses champion of e-commerce operations.



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