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Chorus - a community project towards an open source tool stack for e-commerce search

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Chorus is a reference implementation for powerful, scalable and accurate e-commerce search. Chorus is based on Apache Solr (although with a little work it can use Elasticsearch) and lets you build a web shop entirely from open source components. Once you have your shop, you can use other Chorus components to rate search results, gather metrics and tune search using techniques such as boosting and synonyms. Moving to open source helps you own your ecommerce site search and helps you drive sales by showing the right results to your customers. Chorus components can also be used independently to enhance search for other e-commerce platforms using Solr or Elasticsearch, such as SAP Hybris / Commerce Cloud.

Distinction from the competition

Chorus is freely available as open source software and is being built by a global community including search engine experts and e-commerce developers working for some of the world's biggest brands. Chorus is a reference implementation pointing the way towards how search quality can be improved in an iterative, data driven process. Users can select one or more Chorus components to integrate with their existing platform rather than adopting an entirely new platform. Some parts of Chorus have been in active use on client sites for over 5 years.

Product or service innovations

Chorus components are under constant development, some highlights are:

  • Quepid now supports HTTPS and Chrome94
  • Quepid supports tracking of tuning 'tries' over time
  • Querqy adds synonym weights and templates
  • SMUI adds user managements and rule sets administration features More at
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No case study is currently available, some case studies are under preparation. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Positive feedback & testimonials

One search manager, frustrated in the past by the lack of tools to fix known search issues, responded to the first demonstration of the Chorus tools with the comment "You've given us hope!". One company using Chorus is now tuning 6% - their most popular - queries and seeing a 20% uplift in conversions. Another company sees 80% of their total query volume being handled by Chorus tools.


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